SKD Auto/Semi-Auto Mag-Fed Glock G18

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SKD Auto/Semi-Auto Mag-Fed Glock G18

The SKD Mag-Fed Auto, Semi-Auto Glock G18 is the first in a new generation of Gel Blasters. With a refined and quality build and feel, this is the first Blaster Pistol to be released with full auto and semi-auto function (simply press button on the side twice to switch between full-auto and semi-auto mode)

This Blaster is also the first to have a circuit board with capacitors and microchips. This makes it reliable and advanced compared to previous Blasters. It features a powered magazine, internal rechargeable battery, and blow back feature.

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5 reviews for SKD Auto/Semi-Auto Mag-Fed Glock G18

  1. Jake wheeler

    Awesome product and great quality for value

  2. Matthew B (verified owner)

    Great blaster for cqb i will say buy the extra mag as on auto the rounds dont last long

  3. Toady (verified owner)

    As my entry level into the world of Gel Ball Shooters or “Blasters” as they’re commonly known, this was my first purchase and might i say “The first of many”.

    – The construction of the pistol is sturdy and made of a thick plastic.
    – The trigger feels smooth and clicks at the end.
    – The slide actually activates which is a nice touch
    – For the price it is a decent entry into the hobby
    – Shoots as you would expect for a pistol; obviously not as far as the rifles but decent considering its size.
    – Has a mode selector for semi to full auto fire rates.

    Negatives –
    – The slide activates slightly off from the time the blaster shoots so there is a weird delay in firing to feeling.
    – The blaster will sometimes chew bullets which lead into double shots and sometimes shooting pieces.
    – Jamming is a serious issue with the pistol, IF you don’t understand how the feeding mechanism works.
    – For an extra $50 you can get something with twice the performance.

    End Result?
    It is what it is. It’s a pistol gel blaster – used for short range and CQB style engagement. If you are looking for something with range then this isn’t it but if you cant afford something better and just want something to mess around with “Or need a side-arm”. This is certainly the blaster for you.

  4. bo.anson (verified owner)

    Great product and reasonable delivery. Highly recomend these guys!

  5. robsmith.rgs

    Looks amazing and really impressive feel. Toady’s review says it all. The performance is slightly unreliable misfiring, but a full clip always works well. Quality ammo works better too – zero issues with Warinterest gels. Fun with the extended clip on full auto. Great to have a side arm and doing pistol duels with mates. A great buy.

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