LeHui Kriss Vector V2 SMG Gel Blaster 

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LeHui Kriss Vector V2 SMG Gel Blaster


  • Brand: LeHui
  • Model: Kriss Vector Version 2
  • Release Date: August 2018
  • Type: Automatic /  Battery Operated
  • 3 Firing Modes:
    • Single
    • 3-Shot Burst
    • Full Auto
  • Full Nylon Construction
  • Well Designed/ Attention to Detail/ Quality Build
  • Next Gen High Performance Gearbox
  • Silent Operation
  • Mag Fed
  • Mag Primer
  • Foldable Stock
  • Vertical Foregrip
  • Tactical LED Flashlight
  • Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight
  • Holographic Scope
  • Iron sights
  • 20mm Rails on all 4 Sides for Tactical Accessories
  • Optional Sling Attachment included
  • Storage compartment in sling attachment
  • Uses 7-8mm Gel Balls


  • Up to 240 Feet per Second
  • Up to 15 High-Speed Rounds per Second
  • Up to 25m Firing Distance


  • 1 x Brand New LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Gel Ball Gun
  • 1 x Magazine
  • 1 x 11.1v High Quality Rechargeable Battery
  • 1 x Battery Charger
  • 1 x Holographic Sight
  • 1 x Muzzle
  • 1 x Suppressor
  • 1 x Vertical Foregrip
  • 1 x Pack of Screws and Screwdriver
  • 1 x Set of Iron Sights
  • 1 x Sling Attachment
  • 2 x Hex Keys
  • 5 x 500 Pack of 7-8mm Gel Balls
  • 1 x Illustrated Instructions

***Please note: Gel balls included with Blasters are generally of low quality and can often cause feeding issues, we highly recommend purchasing our high quality Hardened Gel Balls for the best performance***


Gel Ball Hydration 101


  1. Pack of Gel Balls
  2. Bucket
  3. Water

Gel ball / water ratio:

  • 10,000 pack / 4L water
  • 5,000 pack / 2L water
  • 500 pack / 200ml water


Step 1: Empty gel ball pack into bucket.

Step 2: Fill bucket with water (more is better).

Step 3: Allow gel balls to soak for 4 hours minimum! (Overnight recommended)

 Your gel balls are now ready to use.

Storage: Up to 2 weeks in an airtight container away from sunlight. For best results, store in water and strain when needed.

8 reviews for LeHui Kriss Vector V2 SMG Gel Blaster 

  1. Critoris

    this things a machine, pretty much the whole blaster is made from nylon and feels amazing especially the stock and suppressor. Has 3 firing modes as well and is very accurate while ADS. Probably the second best blaster out there after the Wells M4 but definitely first in aesthetics

  2. SannyChoth

    Make a more new posts please 🙂

  3. Brenton Smith

    I unfortunately bought the same ‘toy’ lol from a pop up shop. For 40 bucks more.
    Anyway I’ll be shopping you guys first next time.
    As for the ‘toy’ I am soo impressed.
    Get one you won’t be disappointed
    I’m yet to see how far 270$ goes.

  4. Colin Schreiber

    Just got mine the other day it is a beast feels amazing shoots real good

  5. akaaus (verified owner)

    This gel blaster, is seriously one of the most legit styled, and strongest build quality blasters ive had the pleasure of handling. with very solid and thought out build quality, ease of use, and its upgrade potentials, this blaster is not for the faint of heart, and that’s just from first impressions, after running it in for a few thous slaps, I decided to do a full upgrade with this beast, and when you think something cant be improved further, the reliability and accuracy that can be attained is amazing, not to mention the fire rates, ZOMG.. but aside from all that, the only con I can really bring to the table about this blaster, would be the mosfet, not coping with the temperatures that upgrade kits tend to create, but for a cheaper pcm, it doesn’t do to bad at all in single or burst, or limited use of full. (extended burst fire) but if you wanna unload a clip before letting go, then a mosfet upgrade is for you. compared to my mates M4A1, Stuyer, and AK47… this definitely out weights, out relies and out performs all modern blasters i’ve had the pleasure of using. thanks for the amazingly fast delivery, look forward to throwing my wallet at you guys again soon 🙂

  6. Thomas

    I have a few gelblasters and this is my ‘go to’. I only really put it down when the battery goes flat. It’s good fun

  7. robsmith.rgs (verified owner)

    Extremely reliably and very fun to use! This is accurate and it’s a joy to use, especially on full auto. The feel is high quality, the performance is consistent and a few months on I’m still impressed. Now I’m super keen to start modding it with the high performance kit and black out kit from Renegade Blasters – which will take it to the next level. Get one of these in your hands as soon as you can.

  8. Aaron Donovan (verified owner)

    Just purchased this absolutely love it will definitely be buying upgrades for this

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