LDT LDX 2-Piece Full Metal V2 Gearbox (Advanced)

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LDT, One of the leading Gel Blaster manufacturers, known for their high quality and reliable builds have designed and engineered a gearbox from top to bottom. Featuring a full metal 2-piece housing capable of much more stress without the flex. Metal gears with an 18:1 ratio for high torque, capable of powering a stronger spring for those high FPS builds. Heavy duty silver wiring for high amp capacity. High quality nylon piston with metal rack and lightweight alloy piston head and of course a metal trigger.

The LDX Series Gearboxes are available in 2 options:

                                      • LDX Basic
                                      • LDX Advanced [with Mosfet]

Both gearboxes achieve 260-280 FPS out of the box and with a few minor mods could see a decent increase.

These are the ultimate high performance gearboxes. Whether you’re an enthusiast looking at a full build or a newbie just wanting something strong and reliable with potential to upgrade in the future, these LDX Gearboxes are a great place to start.




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LDT LDX 2-Piece Full Metal V2 Gearbox (Advanced)


  • Full Metal Gearbox Housing
  • v2 Gearbox Design
  • Advanced Version: Includes Mosfet
  • 2-Piece Housing
  • 18:1 Metal Gears
  • Piston With Metal Rack
  • Heavy Gauge Silver Wiring
  • XT30 Battery Connector
  • 1.2mm Spring
  • Performance: 260-280FPS
  • 8mm Bearings
  • Compatible With:
      • LDT MP5
      • LDT HK416
      • LDT/ARES SCAR-H MK17
      • LDT/ARES M110
      • Jingji SLR Series
      • STD SLR Series
      • Kublai K series
      • Kublai/WAT Metal Blasters
      • Wells M401
  • Compatible Wherever a V2 Gearbox is Used [Some Receivers Such As the Kublai/WAT Metal Receivers May Require Some Minor Modification For A Perfect Fit]
  • Professional Installation Recommended
  • Motor Not Included

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Complete Metal Gearbox

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Weight .8 kg
Dimensions 33 × 22 × 12 cm









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