LDT HK416D Gen 2.5 (with HK Carry Bag)

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​LDT HK416D Gen 2.5 (with HK Carry Bag)



  • Brand: LDT
  • Released: February 2019
  • Type: Automatic, battery operated
  • Firing Modes: Full-auto & Semi-auto
  • Highest quality materials and craftsmanship
  • Designed and built with the utmost  attention to detail
  • Heavy, and well distributed weight
  • 2-piece split receiver
  • Strong nylon construction from tip to stock
  • Warinterest No.2 Gearbox with Nylon Gears
  • 1.2mm Spring
  • 18:1 Gear ratio
  • Metal barrel
  • Metal outer barrel to reduce vibration
  • Metal buffer tube
  • Reinforcement – Solid metal rod for added strength
  • Extendable stock
  • Solid rubber cap on stock butt
  • Charging handle opens dust cover
  • Rails on all 4 sides for tactical attachments
  • Compatible with JM Gen 9 magazines
  • Uses 7-8mm gel balls

Performance with 7.4v battery:

  • Up to 330 feet per second! (250-270 avg)
  • Up to 11 rounds per second
  • Up to 25m shooting distance

Performance with 11.1v battery:

  • Up to ‎260 feet per second (240-250 avg)
  • Up to 20 rounds per second!
  • Up to 25m shooting distance


Package Includes:

1 x Brand new HK416 Gen. 2.5 Gel Blaster

1 x High quality full-length HK padded carry bag with pockets, elastic loops and zip pocket

1 x Magazine

1 x Holographic sight

1 x Flash hider

1 x Strap

1 x 7.4v rechargeable battery

1 x USB charger

1 x Safety glasses

1 x Bottle

1 x 10,000 pack of gel balls

Please note: the HK416D has a Tamiya battery connector and requires an adapter to connect other batteries or 11.1v batteries.

We have them available for purchase. See below 


***Please note: Gel balls included with Blasters are generally of low quality and can often cause feeding issues, we highly recommend purchasing our high quality Hardened Gel Balls for the best performance***

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6 reviews for LDT HK416D Gen 2.5 (with HK Carry Bag)

  1. David

    I want that gun but I’m in Indonesian in jlbaru 2 kampugn duku

  2. Stevoie-Pili (verified owner)

    I am so glad I got this gun! It is very amazing, and it is so fun to fire!
    This gun is definitely worth the money I spent on it.

    Firstly, it’s got some weight to it, I like that!
    Secondly, it’s pretty fun to fiddle with the slide at the back.
    Thirdly, it has a pretty good amount of weight to it!
    And fourthly, it looks so beautiful!

    I highly recommend this toy gun!

  3. Low Guido

    This blaster is Delicious!

  4. Panthera Leo Romanus

    I kid you not, the new LDT HK416D with the carry bag is the best blaster out on the market by far currently, truely impressive. If you do not get one of these your really missing out on something great. I ordered mine last week and received it yesterday and I can not stop putting it down. My partner actually said your like a kid with a new toy. 6 weeks ago I bought a J10 ACR and this is far superior in quality in every way. In FPS is somewhat the same, but this feels far greater and looks far better in my opinion. The finish is excellent all nylon, metal tube, metal buffer tube and metal sling attachments. The sling attachment is fully functional, I have tried it with my one point sling, it works great. It weighs 1786 grams, which is a really nice weight.
    Trust me, go and have a look at one in a store near you. You will not be disappointed. I am actually considering getting another as a spare.

  5. Toony

    Have one ,and I must say very nice .one off the best looking blasters out there for now.has nice weight to it. Only blaster ive seen that comes with a bag.i upgraded to a 11 volt battery the other day ,fps is around 265, 270 just with the battery up grade .rate of fire is better,I found that if the gells are old thay just play up bust up ect milky whites are all I use.played at donny brook for 5 hours plus ,no recharge could do with a hop up just to get that little bit more distance. Not a fast shooter but holds its ground. You loose the single shot when the 11v’s in. all in all very happy with it.
    But like the rest soon to be upgraded.

  6. robsmith.rgs (verified owner)

    Great feel and solid shots. This is a nice blaster with good heft. I’m happy with the accuracy most of all, which is very consistent. Milkies go better in this as it’s powerful for an un-modified blaster. This goes pretty hard and I’ve had many a battle with my mate, still fun to use and a straight shooter indeed.

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