King Arms TWS SBR (CQB) GBBR Gel Blaster Rifle – Black

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Elevate Your Gameplay with the King Arms TWS SBR (CQB) GBBR Gel Blaster Riffle!

Looking to take your gel blaster experience to new heights? Look no further than the King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster! This cutting-edge gel blaster combines advanced technology with precision engineering to offer an unmatched gaming adventure.

Tactical Realism and Authenticity: Inspired by real firearms like the ARP9, the King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster boasts a true-to-life design, immersing you in a thrilling and authentic gaming experience. Meticulous attention to detail and craftsmanship sets it apart as a standout choice among gel blaster enthusiasts.

Gas Blowback Action for Realism: Experience the thrill of real combat with the gas blowback feature that perfectly replicates the recoil effect of a genuine firearm. Each shot delivers a satisfying kick, making every skirmish feel incredibly realistic. Get ready for an adrenaline-pumping gaming session like never before!

Unmatched Performance and Accuracy: Equipped with a high-quality 7.3 mm precision inner barrel, the King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster ensures unparalleled accuracy and precision in every shot. Dominate the battlefield with pin-point accuracy, and outmanoeuvre your opponents with ease.

Customization at Your Fingertips: Personalize your gel blaster to match your unique playstyle! The King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster features a wide array of accessory options. With M-LOK and Picatinny rail systems, attaching your favourite grips, scopes, and other tactical add-ons is a breeze, giving you the edge you need to conquer any scenario.

Durability and Reliability: Crafted with top-notch materials and meticulous craftsmanship, the King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster guarantees long-lasting durability and reliability. It’s designed to withstand the rigors of intense battles, ensuring you can rely on it during the heat of action.

Perfect for Gel Blaster Enthusiasts: Whether you’re a seasoned gel blaster veteran or new to the sport, the King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster caters to all levels of players. Its user-friendly design and top-notch performance make it a must-have addition to your gel blaster collection.

Join the Gel Blaster Revolution: Don’t miss out on the excitement! Elevate your gel blaster experience with the King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster. Discover the perfect blend of realism, performance, and customization that sets it apart from the rest. Get yours now and be part of the gel blaster revolution!


King Arms TWS SBR (Short-Barrelled Rifle) GBBR Gel Blaster Rifle Key Features:

  1. M-LOK tactical handguard:
    • M-LOK is the most trendy rail system in the real firearms. This handguard is KING ARMS original design. the M-LOK specification done according to MAGPUL provided document.
    • One piece CNC machined metal M-LOK handguard provides a solid rail platform. M-LOK-standard accessories can be bolt-on quickly and concretely.
    • Stylish engraved handguard provides unique outlook and light weight.
    • Four-sided mounting platform conveniences shooters to bolt-on vary accessories.
  2. Outer & Inner Barrel:
    • Metal outer barrel and delta ring mount to avoid wobbling.
    • Well-polished precise 7.3 mm brass inner barrel lets every shot more accurate.
  3. Rifle body:
    • Metal bolt catch, selector lever, trigger make the gun more durable.
  4. Reinforced Parts :
    • Full steel upgraded parts (KA-PT-26) to provide high durability : Trigger, Selector Lever, Hammer, Sear.
  5. Bolt carrier :
    • High speed bolt carrier
    • Reinforced Steel bolt-stop parts installed
  6. Non-slip grip:
    • Rough surface design can prevent slip of griping. You can grasp full control of your rifle confidently.
    • Ergonomic designed offers the operator maximum comfort and control over the rifle.
  7. Sights:
    • Metal front sight and rear sight . Both of them are rail mounting and able to flip-up. They have adjustable aiming pins and range finder hole to fit corresponding difference field-shooting environment.
  8. Magazine:
    • Magazine capacity : Approx. 38 rounds
    • Compatible with WE and WA systems.
  9. Tactical stock:
    • Provides comfortable, secure shoulder rest for Airsoft Gun.
    • Easy to install and ergonomic design let shooter grip their gun confidently.
    • Nylon Fibre material provide anti-shock while shooting.
    • Can be locked down to virtually eliminate movement in the stock.
    • Can be quickly converted to fit commercial or Mil-Spec buffer tubes.
    • Sling loop and quick-detach mounting point provided for wide variety of harness /Sling options.
    • Mounting points at the bottom of stock that can install QD Sling Swivel.
    • Removable recoil pad that can change battery faster and convenient unlocking lever.
  10. Flash Hider :


Type: KA TWS SBR (CQB) GBBR Gas Gel Blaster Rifle in Black

Powered by: Green gas

Uses: 7-8 mm gel balls

Weight: 2080g (Without Magazine)

Fire Mode:  Safe/Single/Full-Auto

Additional information

Weight 4.8735 kg
Dimensions 76 × 27 × 9.5 cm

Puff Dino Green Gas – For Airsoft – 12kg

Speed Loader for Gas / CO2 Pistol Blasters

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 77 × 30 × 10 cm


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