Hanke KAR 98K Shell-Ejecting Sniper Gel Blaster (Dark Wood)

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Hanke KAR 98K Shell-Ejecting Sniper Gel Blaster (Dark Wood)


  • Brand: Hanke
  • Model: Guai Qiaohu 98K
  • Released: November 2019
  • Dark Wood Colour
  • 1:1 Scale Ratio
  • Bolt-Action
  • Shell-Ejecting
  • Strong Nylon Bolt Mechanism
  • Alloy Barrel
  • Completely Removable Bolt
  •  Material:
    • Nylon Body
    • ABS Butt Stock
    • Nylon Bolt with Metal Internal Components
  • Shell Casings: 5
  • Adjustable Iron Sight
  • Dual Strap Attachment Points
  • Uses 7.4 – 7.6mm Gel Balls (Note the gel ball size)


  • Up to 150 Feet Per Second
  • Up to 20m Firing Distance


  • Length: 102cm
  • Width: 2.5cm
  • Height: 7cm
  • Weight: 1950 grams

Package Includes:

  • 1 x Brand New 98K Shell-Ejecting Sniper Gel Blaster
  • 5 x Shell Casings
  • 1 x Clip
  • 1 x Safety Glasses
  • 1 x Basic Pack of Gel Balls

Please note: Please follow the instructions provided in the image gallery or in the video on this page.

***Please note: Gel balls included with Blasters from the manufacturer are generally of low quality and can often cause feeding issues, we highly recommend purchasing our high quality Hardened Gel Balls for  best performance***

Metal Bolt Upgrade for Hanke KAR 98K [CLEARANCE]

Metal Cartridge Shells for Hanke 98K Sniper (Silver) [w/out Clip]

Metal Cartridge Shells for Hanke Kar 98K Sniper (Gold)

Please Note: This Product Requires 7.4 – 7.6mm Gel Balls and may not function correctly with oversized or undersized Gel Balls. We recommend the Precision Purple 7.5mm Gel Balls for optimum performance.

Precision Purple 7.5mm Gel Balls are Specifiically Designed to Work with the Hanke 98K.

Purchase Them Here:

10,000 Pack 7.5mm Precision Purple Hardened Gel Ball Ammo



Gel Ball Hydration 101


  1. Pack of Gel Balls
  2. Bucket
  3. Water

Gel ball / water ratio:

  • 10,000 pack / 4L water
  • 5,000 pack / 2L water
  • 500 pack / 200ml water


Step 1: Empty gel ball pack into bucket.

Step 2: Fill bucket with water (more is better).

Step 3: Allow gel balls to soak for 6 hours minimum! (Overnight recommended)

 Your gel balls are now ready to use.

Storage: Up to 2 weeks in an airtight container away from sunlight. For best results, store in water and strain when needed.

Additional information

Weight 2.8 kg
Dimensions 102 × 25 × 8 cm










6 reviews for Hanke KAR 98K Shell-Ejecting Sniper Gel Blaster (Dark Wood)

  1. huntermcshane

    tbh the gel blaster looks amazing even when held and the detailing is out of this world, but there are some setbacks. This may be with my gel blaster but i can not use the wing safety and i can not even adjust the iron sight, it may work but when i try adjusting both of these it felt like it might break. Overall a great piece for collectors and for people like me who love WW2 and bolt action rifles, the shells do well but may need replacing after a couple months use because after just two wonderful days of owning such a piece the shells start to decay, another thing with the shells, they stick in the chamber but luckily i get a bamboo stick to push it out with which is really annoying. The performance is great, I do not own an FPS tracker so i do not know how fast it shoots but after experiencing it it might be 150+. I cant wait for attachments like the scope featured on the photos of this blaster, and improved springs for the bolt which i hope will increase performance.

  2. Matthew Scott (verified owner)

    Feals great, construction, weight, materials. Yes the action and shell eject is pointless for a real game but for a backyard plinker or collectible this is not only the best k98 blaster on the market, but a fantastic blaster in its own right. Look forward to some accessssories for this great blaster. Real wood stock anyone?

  3. butcherskin (verified owner)

    Great WW2 rifle and they’ve done it justice with this gel version. I was happy with the GJ rifle. This is a step above. Love the stripper clip and the shells. Bolt is a little stiff to work. I’m hoping some silicon spray helps it glide a little better. All I need now is a mag fed MP40 or an MG34/MG42 and I’ll be set. Great service and quick shipping. Can’t ask for more.

  4. connordwyer (verified owner)

    blaster feel good in hand
    the bolt does feel a little flimsy
    plastic shell casings started to break afters only a few uses
    would suggest metal ones

  5. josh baer (verified owner)

    It’s a really good looking blaster, nice weight to it, feels good to hold, and very is fun to muck about with.
    my only gripes with the gun are that the bolt action can be really stiff to use, and the plastic bullet shells are really crappy (mine broke within minutes of use), so I’d definitely suggest buying some metal bullet shells to replace them

    all in all its a decent blaster for those who want a historically/aesthetically pleasing blaster, but it isn’t very practical to use for anything other than mucking about

  6. Maddhattar (verified owner)

    Feels good looks great . Nothing like the feel and sound of a nice bolt action. So if cosplay , LARP is your thing this 98k is a must , from its amazing finish to the ejecting brass there is nothing better and it can still nail an annoying mate yards away buy snd install the metal bolt and jams are thing of the past

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