Brass Silent Piston Head for JM Gen. 8 M4A1

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Brass Silent Piston Head for JM Gen. 8 M4A1


  • Made of brass, has higher strength and more durability compared to other materials
  • The silent head adapts to the modification and upgrade of the JM Gen. 8 M4A1 gearbox
  • The cylinder head has a double-layer O-ring to enhance the air-tightness of the cylinder
  • The top of the head has a noise reduction pad, which can slow down the impact of the head on the cylinder head and has a very good muting effect


Color: As Shown
Material: Brass
Product Weight: 110g
Package Dimensions: 10*5*5cm
Package Weight: 120g
Packing: Bag

Package includes:

1 x Piston Head
1 x Extra-large O-ring
2 x Spare O-ring
1 x Longer Screw

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Additional information

Weight .030 kg
Dimensions 5 × 5 × 3 cm


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