Abbey Silicone Gun Grease (20ml)

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Abbey Silicone Gun Grease

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease is our high-viscosity silicone lubricant, designed specifically for use in gel blasters, air guns and firearms. Silicone Gun Grease is perfect for reducing the friction within fast moving plastic parts of the rifle or pistol.

Our silicone grease does not degrade over time, it won’t harden or reduce its effectiveness. It maintains a consistent and fluid covering over friction surfaces and because silicone is inert, it won’t damage their surfaces.

Abbey Silicone Gun Grease comes in 20ml handy pots for your tool box or bag. If you’re looking for a lubricant to lubricate the metal parts of your firearm or airgun, you’ll need our moly gun grease.

Nourishes O-Rings
Silicone Gun Grease is perfect for the internal action of airguns and gel blasters. It’s both a lubricant and an o-ring refresher, ensuring that your blaster is efficient throughout its operation.

Versatile Lubrication
Our Silicone Grease is a low load, high-viscosity grease that clings to surfaces, making it perfect for parts which move or rotate quickly. The lubricant is particularly well suited to reducing friction between plastic parts or between metal and plastic.

Check out the videos from the boys at Abbeys which some great tips and how to use their products.


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