Abbey Gun Grease LT2 (50ml)

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Abbey Gun Grease LT2

Gun Grease LT2 is a molybdenum based heavy grease designed for heavy-load applications, between metal parts.

Gun Grease LT2 is designed for use in high-pressure applications such as; inside an AEG Gearbox between gears and pistons; inside the bolt carriage of a GBBR; or on the metal slide of a Gas Blow Back Pistol. The grease stays in the friction area and reduces friction, rather than being squeezed out.

Our grease comes in 50ml pots, perfect for toolboxes and gun bags.

Molybdenum Based

Molybdenum fills in microscopic surface pores in metal, such as in gears, piston sliders or gas blow back bolts and leaves a smooth surface, reducing friction and increasing efficiency.

High-Temperature Stability

Our LT2 grease is stable under heat, meaning regardless of how hot your gearbox gets, it’s not going to seize up and it’s going to continue to provide a high level of lubrication and protection.


The anti-corrosion additives in our grease ensure that there’s no chance of rust or pitting damaging the internals of your airsoft gun and causing a failure over time.

Check out the videos from the boys at Abbeys which some great tips and how to use their products.


Package Includes:

  • 1 x 50ml Bottle

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