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Top Gel Blaster Assault Rifles

Assault Rifles

The assault rifles first came about in the second world war, but the widespread use in the military didn’t really happen until late in the 20th century.

Today, almost all armies use assault rifles as a standard piece of equipment.

The switch from the more powerful, high precision rifles, came after the realization that most combat takes place within 400 meters of the enemy.

By decreasing the size and weight of the equipment, the soldiers can carry more ammunition and engage in a style of combat where you rarely see the opposing forces.

Here are some of the best gel blaster versions of widely-used assault rifles available today.

Tar-21 by Ares

This is probably the most solidly built gel blaster in the market at the moment, based on a strong polymer body with metal parts.

The bullpup design with the magazine behind the trigger moves the main weight of the gun closer to the body, and may not be for everyone.

While not the most standard looking gun, it all is a matter of personal preference.

The bullpup has the advantage of a long inner barrel in a short gun.

The Tar-21 sports an inner barrel about 40 cm long in a 68 cm construction.

This can be compared to the MP5 that is about the same length but has a 20 cm inner barrel.

The short, dextrous design of the TAR-21, combined with the precision you get from a long barrel, makes it suitable for both CQB and longer range style games.

The Tar-21 has a rate of fire at around 12 rounds per second, which can be increased by changing the included 7.4 volt battery to an 11.1 volt.

Out of the box, the Tar-21 fires a gel ball at about 260 feet per second, but it can easily go way above 300 FPS with a simple and affordable spring upgrade.

Some key features of the Tar-21 by Ares

  • Bullpup constructions
  • Ambidextrous mag release
  • Magprimer
  • 2 metal mags included
  • Silver cables
  • Inline gearbox
  • Metal gears
  • Metal 20mm accessory rails
  • Strong polymer construction
  • Superior build quality
  • Consistent FPS
  • Easy spring change
  • Inner barrel Metal
  • Metal outer barrel
  • Metal mag x 2

The polymer Tar-21 from Ares is one of a kind with its super strong body and high quality components.

As always, you pay for quality, and the Tar-21 can be worth up to $800. You can order the Tar-21 right here.

Assault Rifles – SCAR-L Metal by CYMA

This Metal SCAR-L (Special Operation Forces Combat Assault Rifles) from CYMA is a metal/polymer build.

Just like the original rifle it mimics, the upper part is full metal and the lower part is a polymer.

CYMA is one of the oldest and most trusted companies in the toy gun business, they have been operating for over 20 years, and have hundreds of employees.

It performs well right out of the box, with a velocity above 300 feet per second and up to 20 rounds per second on full auto fire.

The range is up to 25 meters, depending on what type of gel balls you feed it. At the end of the metal outer barrel is a 14 mm counter clockwise thread for attachments like a hop up.

The metal SCAR has its weight well distributed, although it is quite heavy for a gel blaster weighing in at just over 4 kilograms.

The boot shaped buttstock is expandable for a perfect fit, and it can be fully folded to the right side for ease of transport.

There are four 20 mm accessory rails on the rifle, with the top one is the full length of the metal upper receiver.

Some key features of the SCAR-L by CYMA

  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • Ambidextrous mag release
  • Mag primer
  • Solid build of metal and strong polymer
  • V2 Metal gearbox 18:1 with metal gears
  • High velocity, up to 320 feet per second
  • High rate of fire, up to 20 rounds per second
  • Metal inner barrel
  • Metal outer barrel
  • 11.1 volt battery
  • 51 cm inner barrel with inner diameter 7.4 mm

The Metal SCAR-L by CYMA is in the price range of $500 to 600 and is available in a tan model and a black model.

Assault Rifles – SLR CQB by JingJi

This SLR CQB blaster from JingJi is a solid nylon construction, with a weight of about 1.5 kilograms.

It has a unique buttstock with an SBPDW pistol stabilizing brace so it can be strapped to your lower arm.

It is 61 cm long with the stock retracted and 67 cm with the stock fully extended.

The blaster shoots decently out of the box, with a velocity around 250 feet per second at a rate of about 15 rounds per second on full auto.

You can expect it to be accurate at a distance of up to 20 meters without any modifications.

Being an M4 style blaster, and one of the more common guns in the last year or so, you can find all sorts of accessories for customization.

Most of the components in this rifle are standardized, making it a breeze to upgrade it for higher performance.

There are three models available in black, tan, and green.

They are basically the same except that the green one comes with metal gears and an 11.1 volt battery, while the black and tan ones come with nylon gears and a 7.4 volt battery.

Some key features of the SLR CQB by JingJi

  • Solid nylon construction
  • Great compatibility for magazines
  • SBPDW pistol stabilizing stock
  • Metal gears (green model only)
  • Metal mag release
  • Clear mag viewing window
  • Ambidextrous metal mag primer
  • 21 cm long metal inner barrel, 7.5 mm inner diameter
  • Knurled outer barrel of metal
  • Full length tactical rail on top
  • Compatible with LDT tracer magazines
  • Compatible with Gen 9 magazines

A bit of a household blaster in the $300 to 400 price range, the JingJi SLR is a reliable workhorse that is easy to customize and upgrade.

You can choose from the Black SLR, the Tan SLR and the Green SLR.

If you are tired of constantly reloading, you can add a drum mag that will hold around 500 rounds of ammo.

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