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How To Get Started Gel Blasting Part 2 – Equipment


Gel blasting is an awesome, fun way to spend a couple of hours running around and shooting up friends.

It is a simple game to gear up for. You’ll need a gel blaster, eye protection, and as many gel balls as you can get!

While skilled players may want to invest in extra gear, that’s all you’ll need to get started.

Gel Blaster

You can find various types of gel blasters online like assault rifles, submachine guns and handguns.

You will get a pair of safety goggles and a pack of gel balls when you buy a new blaster.

The googles will be of inferior quality, so getting some separately might be a good idea.

While some local providers include some lovely gel balls to get you started, the majority of the gel balls are of inferior quality. Gel balls are affordable and easily available online.

A decent pair of goggles should come in the box when you spend 200 to 300 dollars or more on a gel blaster.

It makes sense when you buy your next gun since the cost of the googles will be reflected on the price of the gun. No reason to pay for premium googles again since you already got them.

Safety goggles

You can use the included goggles for some practice shooting at home.

However, if you’re in a game or if you’re going to get shot, you should obtain something better

You can pop into Bunnings and get a pair of safety glasses for work, or you can go online and get a pair of shatter resistant goggles.

Gel Balls

A few times a year, the merchant may throw in a bag or two of decent gel balls so you can begin games right away. Normally, the gel balls that come with the blasters are horrible, so don’t waste your time using them.

Gel balls are really cheap; you get a bag with 10,000 Warinterest Hardest Red Gel Balls for about $10.

Gel balls are made of a substance called SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) and they are sometimes called gellets, water beads, water crystals or some other name that make less sense than gel balls.

The gel balls are really tiny when you get them, but after soaking them in water for 4-5 hours, they grow up to 200 times into a 7-8mm diameter ball, containing 95-98% water.

The soaking gel balls are mostly water with a small amount of biodegradable starch. They will disintegrate upon impact and disappear in no time if left outside after a battle.

They are non-toxic, so if you miss a few after cleaning up, there is no risk of poisoning any pets or wild animals.

Useful Stuff

To get started, you only need a gel blaster, safety goggles, and gel balls. However, other accessories are likely to improve your blasting experience.

Face protection

Getting shot in the face at close range in a Close Quarter Battle can be a bit painful.

By using a full-face mask, you can avoid the agony and avoid getting drenched in sweat. Because this is gel blasting, a simple mesh mask protects you from discomfort while allowing you to breathe freely and avoid sweating profusely. You can find a mesh mask here.


While you sweat, a hat prevents you from getting tanned and sunscreen from irritating your eyes.

A good-looking hat is of course always good to have, even if you are indoors. Even when being shot at, you should look your best!


Intense outdoor games can involve running, jumping, crawling and climbing.

Since most injuries in gel blasting come from twisting your ankle, a couple of nice boots with ankle protection can be useful in intense outdoor games.

Long pants and sleeves can help protect your skin from nicks and abrasions as well as minimize the impact of a gel ball.

Upgrade your gel blaster

Depending on what blaster you have, there are some easy upgrades to enhance the performance.

Some of the more expensive blasters have decent parts in them right out of the box, but most can do with some basic upgrades.


Many gel blasters come with a plastic inner barrel. An easy way to improve the accuracy and the speed of the gel ball is to change the plastic barrel to a metal one.

A barrel replacement will most probably require a new t-piece. A t-shaped plastic component, usually glued to the barrel, feeds the gel ball into position in the barrel.


Adding a hop-up will improve the accuracy of your blaster. It sits in the end of the barrel and its purpose is to give the gel ball a back spin when it exits the barrel.

If you have a metal barrel you can easily add a hop-up.


If you want your gel balls to leave the blaster at a higher velocity, you can change the spring to a stronger one.

If you want a really powerful spring you will have to look at upgrading the battery and possibly the gears.


Most blasters have a 7.4 volt battery out of the box. An easy way to increase the rate of fire is to get a 11.1 volt battery.

An 11.1 volt battery is also good to have if you have upgraded your spring.


Nylon gears are the standard on most blasters and they work just fine. If you have upgraded the spring and the battery they might not be able to keep up with the added stress and start to deteriorate.

You can upgrade the blaster with metal gears; they are way stronger and can take the added stress.

Time to go blasting!

There you go, all set with a gel blaster, gel balls and safety goggles and possibly some useful equipment. Now it is time to find someone to shoot at.

The easiest way is to find a couple of buddies and go shooting in someone’s backyard. Just be sure to tell your neighbours what you are up to and remember to always keep your guns in a bag or a box when you transport them.

No need to freak someone out and have them call the cops on you.

When you’re done blasting you should always empty out the mag and the receiver to avoid problems with gel balls drying out and getting stuck in bad places.

The battery should also be removed and charged. Don’t leave the battery in direct sunlight, and monitor the charging. It can be damaged in the field and can overheat.

Even better than shooting up a couple of friends in some backyard is to shoot up heaps of friends in a battlefield. More on that to come!

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Top Gel Blaster Guns: Shotguns, Handguns, and Sniper Rifles

gel blaster guns

While the most common gel blaster guns are assault rifles and submachine guns, we’ll take a look at the lesser known unsung heroes of the gel blasting world: the shotgun, handgun, and sniper rifle.

The Shotgun

A shotgun is a relatively short ranged weapon traditionally used by the point-man; the first person to charge into a room.

M97 by HankeGel blaster guns

The M79 shotgun from Hanke is a solid nylon build that fires in single or buckshot mode. It is entirely manual, requiring no batteries or gas.

The hopper holds the gel balls while the pump action powers the shots. While the internal hopper holds about 20 rounds, you can add an external hopper that holds another 80 gel balls.

The pump action shoots your gel balls at surprisingly high velocity at around 300 feet per second in single shot mode.

Switching between single rounds and buckshots is as easy as tipping the gun forward and pausing a little with the pump handle in a far back position, leaving some time for the gel balls to get in.

Some key features of the M97 by Hanke

  • Strong nylon build
  • Easy buckshots, with 5-6 rounds
  • Metal barrel
  • 20 gel balls internally
  • 80 gel balls in external hopper
  • Up to 300 FPS

With a 30cm and 7mm diameter metal barrel, the shotgun is excellent at close range of up to 25 meters. You can find the M97 here and at a very affordable $100.


A handgun is primarily used to back up the main weapon. If you’re cornered and have run out of ammunition, pulling out a handgun and firing is way faster than reloading the main weapon.

In addition, snipers often carry a backup handgun should they be chanced upon by any unsuspecting members of the opposing team.

Glock G34 by Double BellGel Blaster Guns

Catapulted into the limelight, the Glock G34 used by John Wick in the second chapter is a high quality, light, handgun powered by green or top gas.

With a metal slide at the top and a nylon bottom, it fires gel balls with high precision at a speed of about 300 feet per second.

The G34 has both outer and inner barrels made of metal.

The inner barrel is 7.5mm in diameter, has a built-in hop up and ends in a 12 mm counter clockwise thread.

The firing mode is semi auto only, and the magazine holds 15 rounds.

Some key features of the Glock G34 by Double Bell

  • Superior build quality
  • 12mm counter clockwise thread
  • Outer and inner metal barrels
  • Integrated metal hop up
  • Gas blowback
  • Green gas/top gas
  • Up to 300 feet per second

The John Wick 2 Glock G34 is one of the most solid and reliable gel blaster pistols available.

A top quality handgun, it is priced higher than its cheaper counterparts, and you can order it right here.

Beretta 90TWO by SKD

This excellent battery powered handgun has a unique feature; it comes with a flashlight which is also a 7.4 volt battery. The flashlight can be connected in series with the built-in battery, delivering a total of 14.8 volts.

The build of the Beretta is high quality nylon with a built-in rechargeable lithium battery. The flashlight also has a built-in battery and has to be charged separately.

A single button controls the mag primer and fire mode selector; a quick press switches mode between single shot and full auto, and a long press primes the magazine.

You’ll be able to get a firing rate of 10 rounds per second travelling at 145 feet per second in the 14.8 volt mode. This rate will empty out the mag in about four to five seconds on full auto mode.

Some key features of the Beretta 90two by SKD

  • High rate of fire with 14.8 volt
  • Mag primer
  • Single shot and full auto
  • Flashlight and battery included
  • Blow-back feature
  • Fast trigger response
  • Hop up is available

If you are looking for a reasonably priced sidearm or small secondary weapon, you can’t go wrong with the Beretta 90two. It is available here for $120.

Sniper Rifles

The word “sniper” comes from a group of 26 birds from the Snipe family. These birds are highly alert and easily startled, rarely remaining in the open.

The bird’s erratic flight patterns also added to the difficulties hunting them.

The challenges faced while hunting these nervous birds gave rise to the term “sniper”.

Sniper emerged as a noun in the 1770s and now refers to the hunting prowess of skilled sharpshooters making shots from concealment or camouflage.

Kar 98 by Double Bell

The Rolls-Royce of sniper rifles, the Kar 98 by Double Bell is a gas-powered piece of art with a stock and body on a solid piece of wood.

While a small wooden fitting in the front is needed for assembly and disassembly, the Kar 98 shares the bolt action of the original Mauser Kar 98.

This gel blaster is gas-powered with five shells loaded with one gel ball each pressed into the mag.

Pulling the bolt back grabs the previous shell to eject it, lining the next one up.

Pushing the bolt forward loads the shell into the barrel, ready to fire.

The inner and outer barrels are metal; the inner barrel has a diameter of 7.35 mm and is 50 cm long.

This amazing rifle fires gel rounds at more than 400 feet per second and is accurate at up to 35 meters out of the box.

Some key features of the Kar 98 by Double Bell

  • Superior build quality
  • High velocity, more than 400 feet per second
  • Accurate at up to 35 meters
  • Metal barrels
  • Butt stock and stock is one piece of real wood
  • All metal construction
  • Can take both CO2 and green gas

The Kar 98 has amazing handicraft and build quality in addition to the high power and accuracy so needed for a sniper.

You can order this gel blaster guns amazing rifle right here at $585.

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Best Submachine Gun Gel Blasters

Gun Gel Blasters

Gun Gel Blasters – A submachine gun, or SMG, is a small machine gun suited for use in cramped or confined spaces.

They are the scary looking automatic weapons used primarily by special forces, anti-terrorist units, and police.

In addition, they are used in defending military units in plants, boats, and other transport vehicles.

Close Quarter Combat or CQB is where the SMGs shine. Here are our favorite SMGs, in no particular order, that have a high bang for the buck.

MP5 Deluxe by LDT/Warinterest

The latest MP5 from LTD is a very solid build that ships with metal gears. It is 68 cm with the standard stock and has a metal outer barrel and a metal alloy inner barrel with a diameter of 7.3mm.

The inner barrel is just under 20cm long, which is long enough to be accurate at 20-25 meters, but short enough to make the MP5 perfect for the much needed agility in CQB games.

The LTD/Warinterest MP5 combines a high out of the box rate of fire, powered by an 11.1 volt high capacity battery.

With a rate of fire at about 19 rounds per second and a drum magazine holding about 300 gel balls, this MP5 is some serious firepower in a small package.

This in addition to its great looks and build quality has made this MP5 the favourite gun gel blasters for many players, perfect for all situations that may occur in CQB.

Some key features of the MP5 by LTD/Warinterest

  • 14mm Reverse Threaded Tip for easy attachments
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • 1.2mm spring
  • Gearbox V2 version 3.0
  • Metal gears, ratio 18:1
  • Silver wiring
  • USB chargeable, high capacity 11.1v battery
  • Carrying bag included
  • Quick release mag with dual levers
  • In-barrel hop up
  • Cool upgrades are available

The LTD MP5 is one of the best built and best performing SMGs you can get in the price range of around $350. Take a look at the LTD MP5 here.


The compact ARP9 is only 50 cm long when the stock is collapsed fully, and 59 cm when fully extended.

This well-built gun gel blasters comes with a simple MOSFET as a standard, supporting semi and fully automatic with an auto brake function.

After a round is shot in the semi mode, the battery polarity is temporarily reversed, which stops the motor immediately.

Its small size and auto break MOSFET makes it a popular choice for speedsoft.

It comes with a 13 cm alloy inner barrel, nylon outer barrel with 14 mm counter clockwise threaded tip, and four 20mm rails on all sides for accessories.

Firing speed is up to 250 feet per second and about 20 rounds per second.

The gearbox is nylon with 8mm bushings and a full set of metal gears and is powered by a 7.4v battery and a vented case 480 motor.

The ARP9 comes with many metal details like the fire selector and the trigger. You find the mag primer placed in the back of the top accessory rail for easy access.

Some key features of the ARP9 by XYL

  • 20mm rails on 4 sides for accessories
  • Metal alloy inner barrel
  • Gearbox with high quality 8mm bushings
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • 18:1 metal gears
  • Foldable stock
  • Mag primer
  • MOSFET with Active Braking
  • Drum mag available

XYL’s ARP9 is a perfect SMG for speed soft and fast CQB’s around the $350 price range, check it out here.

Vector v2 by LeHui

The Kriss Vector V2 has a sturdy full nylon construction with great attention to detail.

It has a mag primer on the left side, and the two fire mode selectors are ambidextrous. One mode for the on/off, and one for the MOSFET feature).

The stock folds easily and if you want to go AR style, get an adaptor so you can replace it with a buffer tube stock.

The MOSFET features three firing modes, semi automatic, three round burst, and fully automatic.

It comes with an 11.1 volt battery out of the box and has some extra accessories you wouldn’t normally see included like a laser sight and a flashlight.

The standard Vector V2 magazine holds about 150 gel balls, and if you want to get some more time before switching magazines, you can get a single drum magazine that holds about 800 rounds.

There is also even a double drum magazine that holds more than 1,000 gel balls.

The shape of the Vector V2 Gun Gel Blaster required developing an advanced non-standard gearbox with the cylinder and barrel at the same angle as you can see on the standard magazine and the barrel.

Although the clear gearbox is non-standard, it contains standard components, making it fairly easy to upgrade or replace individual parts.

The plastic barrel is 18 cm long and it has an inner diameter of 7.3 mm. The total length of the gun is 79 cm with the stock unfolded and 55.5 cm when folded. Out of the box, you can expect it to fire about 15 rounds per second at 220 FPS.

Some key features of the Vector V2

  • MOSFET with three firing modes, single, burst, and full auto.
  • 11.1 volt battery
  • Mag primer
  • Drum mag is available
  • Laser sight included
  • Flashlight included
  • Unique looks

The reliable and sturdy Vector V2 can be found right here for under $200.

P90 V3 by BingFeng

This SMG looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It is sturdy full nylon construction, available in black and and a surprising pink. It has a sturdy, rigid, nylon body, with a 20 mm rail in the front top for accessories.

There is an ambidextrous safety switch located under the trigger.

There are also ambidextrous fake mag primers on both sides that do nothing else but move when you pull them. Fortunately, the mag is spring loaded and does not need a primer.

The included battery is 7.4 volt, but a 11.1 volt battery is a recommended and affordable upgrade.

The gearbox is a custom design for the P90, but standard parts make replacement or upgrading a breeze.

The P90 is a bullpup type of gun gel blaster, meaning that the action is happening behind the trigger.

The benefit of this is that you can have a longer barrel and get better accuracy in a small form factor.

At 50cm this is one of the shorter SMGs, yet still, it has a decent range. It comes with a metal alloy barrel and only fires full auto at 17 rounds/second and 200 FPS.

Some key features of the P90 V3

  • Mag holds 200 rounds
  • Unique looks
  • Sturdy, high quality nylon build
  • Bull-pup type of gun gel blaster
  • Top and side rails for accessories

To sum it up, the P90 from BingFeng has great out of the box performance that can easily be increased with simple upgrades. It is available right here for under $150!

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How to Get the Best Gel Blaster Gun?

gel blaster gun

Want to buy the gel blaster gun? If you’re a first-time gel blaster gun buyer, this buying process can be a little overwhelming. The craze for such gel blasters Australia has crossed all levels, and hence, people always look for the best way to grab the best gel blaster gun. To make things a little easier, we have come up with a guide to buying your favourite toy easily. From start to finish, you can learn the ideal ways that will help you find the best gel blaster gun and save a lot of time. So, pay attention to the points mentioned below-

First, Know Your Budget

Let’s first discuss the budget. We all know there is a wide range of gel blasters available at different prices. So, the first factor you should keep in mind while buying a gun is the budget. Right? Of course, yes, finding a new, full metal gel blaster gun at a very low price is impossible. So, face reality and consider these points while setting your budget-

  • Remember, descriptions always sound good.
  • Retailers always want to earn more and more profits.
  • One size doesn’t fit all. So, prioritise your preferences.

Decide On The Right Model

Once you know your budget, the next step is to determine the type of gel blaster gun you want. For this, you need to consider what game you will play, whether it is shotgunner, sniper, and rifleman. Once you figure it out, you can easily decide on the right model of gel blasters to invest in.

Check The Reviews

Now you have decided your budget and determined the model of gel blaster gum you will purchase. But before you buy the gun from the shop, make sure you have taken a tour of the reviews of the previous buyers. This way, you can easily determine that this purchase is worth the investment or not. End your search for a “gym blaster near me” with us as people love buying gel blasters from our online store.

Know the Type Of Play

It is important. You must check what type of games you can play with the gel ball gun you choose because the different types of games significantly impact the gun. So, determine if it is ideal for an adult or a child to play. After all, safety is a must!

Final Words

So, this is all about the ideal ways that can help you find the right gel blaster gun. Follow these steps, and we are sure you will end up with the right gun.

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A Guide To Assembling Your Own Gel Blaster

Gel Blaster Gun

You’re here because you’re thinking of getting into the fantastic world of Gel Blasting, the safest and most fun of the Close Quarters Battle (CQB) sports.

The selection of available Gel Blasting weapons is extensive, and there are a lot of them that not only look great but are also reasonably priced. There are handguns, assault rifles, shotguns, sniper rifles, submachine guns, and the list goes on.

When you buy a new Gel Blaster Gun, it is likely to come with some low-quality components. If you decide to get a pricier, top-of-the-line Gel Blaster, it will probably come with standard quality components. If you enjoy the game and want to improve your performance, there is an easy way.

Enter the land of upgrades, where you can change every individual component in your Gel Blaster into something better. Let’s explore the reasons and the parts needed to construct your very own Gel Blaster.

Four reasons to build your Gel Blaster

Building your own weapon allows for more control over your preferences.

Velocity – Increasing the speed of the Gel Ball gives better range and precision.

Firing speed – The more Gel Balls are in the air at once, the higher the chance of a successful attack.

Reliability – Higher quality components minimize the appalling thought of a part malfunctioning during a game.

Fun – Having fun is what Gel Blasting is all about!

Understanding how your weapon works is the first step to being a better player.

Having better-performing equipment will save you cost and effort in the long run, minimizing the need for service and repairs. It is NO fun when a gun malfunctions during a game!


Most Gel Blasters come with a 2 cell lithium-ion polymer battery that delivers 7.4 volts. Getting an 11.1-volt battery with three cells is an easy upgrade; simply switch to a new battery and get the matching charger.

Ensure the new battery fits in the battery compartment of your Gel Blaster; different Blasters use a wide range of batteries.

That extra voltage will make your motor run faster and also improve the torque. A high torque will be helpful when you do other upgrades.


The spring is a cheap and easy upgrade. Many Gel Blasters come with a gearbox outside which the spring is accessible.

The spring is fundamental in dictating speed and power. The harder the spring compresses, the more power it will eventually transfer when released, giving Gel Balls a higher velocity.

Springs come in many different types and strengths.

Long springs require more power and need to be compressed more than short ones.

Thick springs need more power to compress than thin springs.

In addition, the type of metal with which the spring is made makes a difference. Stiffer metals like carbon steel, a dark metal, are more rigid than stainless steel, requiring more compression power.

If you get a spring too hard for your motor, the motor will struggle with compression. In that case, a thinner or shorter spring would be ideal.

Springs are highly affordable. You can get a few springs of varying density, thickness, and length, gradually increase the stiffness until the motor gives up to get the maximum power.

Alternatively, upgrading the motor is an option. If upgrading the motor, be aware that most Gel Blasters out of the box come with nylon gears significantly weaker than metal gears. Nylon gears might struggle to deal with the increased stress, and you might need a gear upgrade.


The O-ring is located in the piston head and is the part that keeps the air compressed when the spring releases its accumulated power and pushes the piston forward in the cylinder.

The original O-ring is prone to leaking air and should be replaced by a high-quality one.

Switching out the O-ring is easily the cheapest upgrade that will make a significant performance improvement. The only downside is that you will have to disassemble the gearbox, or at least take off the top if you are lucky enough to have a split gearbox.


Your Gel Blaster Gun most likely comes with a plastic barrel. A metal barrel has less friction and will increase the velocity of the Gel Ball.

If you decide to switch out the standard plastic barrel with a metal one, consider the balance between cylinder and barrel volume.

In addition, you will probably need to get a new t-piece, since most are glued onto the barrel.


These are the parts of the Blaster where the air is compressed and is prone to air leaks. An air leak would mean a drastic decrease in power and performance.

The cylinder is a metal tube where the air is compressed. There are full cylinders and ported cylinders.

A ported cylinder has a hole and will compress less air. The type of cylinder you will need depends on the volume of your barrel.

In the front end sits the cylinder head. It typically comes as a plastic or nylon piece with a single o-ring, and is easy to replace with a double metal o-ring.

There are also one-piece cylinder and head options that will eliminate the possibility of air leaks.

The nozzle sits at the end of the cylinder head and is pushed and pulled by the tappet. It positions the Gel Ball for the barrel.

To reduce any air leaks, a metal nozzle with o-rings works best. The nozzle and cylinder head typically come together but can also be bought separately.


The tappet gets trapped by a pin on the sector gear and is pulled back for a short while, pushing the nozzle into the piston head. This action leaves a gap between the nozzle and the barrel in the t-piece, letting a Gel Ball pop into place.

The tappet will be released and pulled forward by a return spring while the piston is still being pulled back by the gears. This pushes the Gel Ball into the back of the barrel, preparing it to be fired when the gears release the piston.

The tappet is usually plastic in an off-the-shelf gun and should be replaced with nylon or metal if you’re seeking to improve your equipment’s fire rate.

The piston sits on the spring while the piston head is located at the front. The piston is the moving part responsible for keeping the air compressed while being pushed by the spring. In addition, it allows air to flow back when it is pulled back by gears.

A good airflow when pulled back makes it easier for the engine and will improve the rate of fire.

The piston has a ladder on the bottom where the gears connect to pull it back to compress the spring.

The piston ladder and the gears should be the same material to avoid additional stress on the ladder. It is recommended to change the ladder as well if you change your gears to metal.


The t-piece is the tube that is located between the cylinder and barrel and connects to the magazine.

It takes your Gel Balls in and places them in position for getting shot out of the barrel. The t-piece may have to be changed if you change your barrel.

Why Pair The Barrel and Cylinder?

The volume of the cylinder and the barrel should be paired, so the compressed air spent is balanced just as the Gel Ball leaves the barrel. If the cylinder has too much volume, it may cause turbulence when the Gel Ball exits the barrel, affecting precision.

If the cylinder lacks volume, the force of the compressed air will be spent prematurely, affecting the range and precision of the Gel Ball. A reasonable ratio is a cylinder volume of approximately between 1.6x and 2x that of the barrel.


A hopup sits at the end of the barrel and is used to get a backspin on the Gel Ball. A backspin on the exiting Gel Ball will significantly improve accuracy by straightening the trajectory.

Note that a hopup might prevent the use of a tracer unit, and you might have to choose between them both.

Bonus tip: Cover the hopup with a fake silencer to protect it from dirt or accidental knocks and bumps.


The gearbox has three different gears named after their shape.

The bevel gear connects to the motor and is beveled (or sloped) to fit the pinion gear on the motor.

The spur gear connects the bevel gear to the sector gear, which is the part that pulls the piston and tappet back.

You can choose gears in different ratios; the most common ones being 18:1, 16:1, and 13:1.

The ratio describes how many revolutions the motor has to do to complete a full cycle. A lower ratio means a faster rate of fire, but also less torque.

A faster rate of fire means you will have to use a less powerful spring. It is all entirely up to you!

Metal gears work better than plastic gears for an upgraded Gel Blaster. Just remember that the piston ladder should ideally be the same material as the gears.

Shimming the gears is also important. The more stress you put on your equipment, the more well-balanced each part must be to ensure that the entire weapon does not malfunction or break.

Shimming is the process of making sure the gears are perfectly in line with each other. Shim sets are cheap, and it just takes some patience and time to balance your gears.


The motor can be fast or strong, although most are both and just differently balanced.

If a high firing rate is your thing, choose a motor balanced for speed. If you want high velocity and accuracy and are prepared to sacrifice firing rate, a high torque motor is more suited for you.

Observe caution while changing out the motor. Gears and tappets can break, giving you some serious problems.


Cables are what connects everything and transfers power from the battery to the motor through the trigger.

Upgrading the standard cables that come with your gun can improve the transmission of power and minimize loss. However, it will not change the fact that the metal switch behind the trigger will slowly be burnt, and carbon builds upon the metal in the switch.

The most effective upgrade is a MOSFET. In its most simple form, a MOSFET is an electronic switch that sits between the battery and the motor, shortening the distance between battery and motor.

This upgrade will let you use a low power through the trigger switch, saving it from burns and stress.

Glow-In-The-Dark Gel Balls?

Tracer Unit

A tracer unit sits at the end of the barrel and contains one or more LEDs that will charge up your Glow-In-The-Dark Gel Balls so they will make impressive laser-like streaks when fired.

The tracer units charged separately with battery. A tracer unit might be difficult to use with a hopup since they both sit at the same place.

If you feel confident with soldering and electronics, you could even build your own tracer unit or tracer t-piece. Here is a link for a DIY Tracer unit.

Tracer Magazine

Instead of sticking a unit at the end of your barrel, you could use a tracer magazine. A tracer magazine will charge up your Gel Balls to glow when they are fed into the barrel.

Except for the potential muzzle flare, the effect is the same as the tracer unit.

The tracer magazine does not charged separately and uses the main battery.


Building your Gel Blaster can be both fun and rewarding. Some patience and research are needed, and many experts are on hand to swap ideas or give you advice if required.

Our team at Renegade Blasters love geeking out on our toys. Get in touch with us if you’d like us to help you build your own Gel Blaster Gun! We look forward to hearing from you.

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Gel Blasters Commonly Asked Questions

gel blaster gun

Have you ever looked at Gel Blasters online and had more questions about them than you did before looking at them?

Due to the extensive models of gel blasters, accessories and upgrades available on the web, it’s perfectly normal to want to know more. Likewise, if you’re shopping from outside of Australia, you probably are curious about your local laws when it comes to using Gel Blasters.

Well, at Renegade Blasters, we care about your curiosity. To help you, here are some commonly asked questions from our customers. 

Gel Blaster FAQS

If you’re looking to use a gel blaster in New South Wales, then you should know it’s illegal to do so unless you hold a firearm license or permit. According to the NSW police, gel blasters are often referred to as an air gun that falls into a firearm category. This is because they have ammunition. Plus, if you’re caught with a gel blaster without a license, you may have to pay a fine or be subject to a 5-year goal term. The only states they’re legal in are Queensland and South Australia.

Most of the time a gel blasters are considered a firearm due to them looking the same and having a similar function as a real-life gun. It’s been mentioned that if it does not have the functionality but does look like a firearm, then it’s classed as an imitation firearm and still illegal. 

What is a gel blaster?

If you’re not sure of the term gel blaster, you may be familiar with its other names such as gel soft, gel ball shooter, hydro blaster, water bead blasters, gel markers, paintball guns and etc. The purpose of a gel blaster is similar to an airsoft gun; however, they dispersable fire water bead gel-like balls. They are commonly used for closed quarter battle games where teams or squads play against each other.

In Western Australia, gel blasters are not legal and according to the parliament of Western Australia. While they may be illegal at present, they are constantly reviewing their purpose and may make it legal at some point in the future.

On the contrary to some Australian states, in Queensland, gel blasters are legal to own. However, if you live in Queensland and own one or plan to, then you must not carry an unconcealed one when you’re out in public. As mentioned by ABC News, if you do get caught doing this, you could face up to two years in prison. Plus, as an owner, you have to keep them in locked cabinets and kept them away. Queensland has made them legal due to the high number of people that work in this industry. Even though they’re legal now, keep checking with the state rules as regulations are being tightened from time and again. 

Do gel blasters hurt?

Whether a gel blaster hurts or not is a completely subjective question. It all depends on your pain tolerance, the gel blaster firing the gel ball at you and the distance. Generally, pistol type gel blasters do not fire as hard as rifle ones do. 

At the most, you will feel a quick nip and, at the worst, a temporary red mark. Whereas if you experience a hit from a rifle, the pain is a bit more but goes after a day or so. Players sometimes state that when hit, it’s similar to paintball, but the balls do not hurt as much. However, gel balls will not pierce your skin or danger anyone around you.

Across the majority of states in Australia, you will find that gel blasters are illegal. This is because they look like a firearm and have ammunition. There is only one legal state that is Queensland. However, even that state has rules about storing them and bringing them out in public. 

In every other state in Australia, if you’re caught without a license, it’s a serious criminal offence. Those individuals who do own gel blasters must apply for a firearms license, register their blasters, and send their gel blasters to the police if they don’t get approved of the license.

According to ABC News, in October 2020, a decision was made by the South Australian Police to regulate gel blasters like firearms. The reason this decision was made was that a lot of its residents had injuries as a result of gel blasters. Anyone in South Australia who wants to purchase or own a gel blaster must apply for a category 4 shooting license. The license should also contain a serial number. If you’re a resident of South Australia, you can view this information further here

Most gel blasters in Tasmania are illegal, especially if they replicate real-life firearm and have ammunition. If, however, you have a gel blaster that does not look like a firearm and is intended for a toy purpose is not illegal. The Tasmanian Police has a permanent amnesty on firearms, and if you do have one without a license, you should surrender it to the police. 

You can do this by ringing your local police station and scheduling a drop off time. If you have a license or are carrying a gel blaster in Tasmania, you must carry it in a sealed bag to not cause any alarm to anyone.

How do gel blasters work?

Similar to an airsoft gun, gel blasters fire water beads instead of pellets. These water beads are dispersible, leaving no mess and causing little pain. They’re environmentally friendly, and you don’t have to pick them up once used. Most gel balls will be a size of 7-8mm; however, there are ones that are 12-13mm for close contact ammunition. 

When purchasing a gel blaster, they will usually come with a supply of gel balls. All gel balls, when bought, will need to be left in a glass of water for up to 4 hours, so it turns into a gel pellet. Do note that some gel balls that come with a gel blaster tend to be low quality, so it’s often advised that you purchase additional ones.

The standard structure of a gel blaster is plastic and has a motor that rotates to shoot the gel balls. Depending on your interest, you can modify and upgrade a gel blaster for aesthetic or performance purposes. You can also add metal sections to the gel blaster to replicate a real-life gun. Similarly, you can add supplements to increase your shooting power.

Are gel blaster balls toxic to dogs?

If you own a dog and are concerned about having gel balls around them, don’t worry; they are non-toxic and biodegradable. Inside, the balls contain Sodium Polyacrylate, which is not toxic to dogs when digested because they come in small doses.

The laws in Australia regarding gel blasters are constantly changing all of the time. At present, the only state that is legal to own a gel blaster is Queensland. Every other state unless you own a firearms license is illegal. We advise you to check your local state laws for restrictions and regulations for gel blaster use.

What are gel blasters?

A gel blaster is a cross between an airsoft gun and a paintball gun. As opposed to a pellet or a ball, biodegradable gel balls are fired out of the blaster and cause a lot less pain. 

Are gel blasters dangerous?

If you are hit by a gel ball from a gel blaster, then don’t worry; it won’t pierce your skin. At the worst, you could have pain lasting for a day or two and a temporary mark. While the gel balls don’t cause much pain, you should still take caution when using a gel blaster. This device could cause pain if they were used to hit someone. Similarly, they can evoke fear and anxiety if waived around in public, as most represent a real-life gun.

Can gel blasters shoot ball bearings?

Gel blasters are solely built to fire gel water bead balls, and when they’re stored, they hold their form well. If you were to insert ball bearings into a gel blaster, you could potentially break the blaster and make it useless. Similarly, if the blaster does manage to fire the pellets, it may not have the same effect as the gel ball would.

Do you need a licence for a gel blaster?

In every Australian state other than Queensland, you will need a license for a gel blaster. Most state’s class gel blasters as firearms as they often resemble many similarities to guns and have ammunition. It’s only in Queensland where they deem a gel blaster to be a toy gun that you don’t need one. If you own a gel blaster and need a license, please contact your local police station to find out how to apply.

How to make gel blaster more accurate?

At Renegade Blasters, we know how vital accuracy is for a Gel Blaster shootout, especially in close-quarter combat. You can make your gel blaster more accurate by upgrading its parts, such as an upgraded hop-up. A Hop up creates backspin to the gel ball and, when fired, allows it to fly further and more straight.

If you own a gel blaster in Australia’s Northern Territory that looks like a military-style firearm, then it’s iilegal. To own one, you must have a category 4 firearms licensed registered with the NT police.  

What is the best gel blaster?

The beauty of the gel blaster industry is that it’s so diverse. To define the ‘best’ gel blaster completely depends on what you’re looking for and how you play. For example, if you’re looking for a gel blaster for your child, the best may be different to a close quarter combat game. 


This brand has been around for a long time and produces a steady line of reliable gel blasters. Their range consists of M4 type gel blasters and several AK’s. You can also use their gearbox in many other different branded gel blasters. 

A popular gel blaster from Jing Ming is the JM M4A1 Gen 90 and is used by beginner gel blaster enthusiasts to professional players. It’s ready to use straight out of the box and is highly modifiable. Plus, it’s made out of nylon and fires at 250 per second. Most importantly the price is friendly to many people, as it’s only $169.99. To know more about the JM M41 Gen 90, watch our video overview

Can you shoot bbs out of a gel blaster?

If you bought bb pellets to match the size of your gel blaster, then it could work. However, you would have to review the gearbox compression. We can’t guarantee the velocity of the bbs when shooting from a gel blaster, as they’re not intended to fire them. Similarly, be careful using them as some could cause wear and tear to your blaster and even break it.

How far can a gel blaster shoot?

Not every gel blaster will fire the same distance; it ultimately depends on the model you own. Most of the time, gel blasters can fire across a distance of 18m to 25m. The best gel blaster to shoot over a short distance would be a pistol. If you want to shoot over a long distance, then a rifle would be better.

Are gel blaster balls biodegradable?

Gel balls are basically made up of 98% water mass and are biodegradable. Once these gel balls hit their target, they disperse quickly and leave no remains. Therefore being friendly for the environment and not toxic.

Where to buy a gel blaster?

There are many stores in Australia you can purchase a gel blaster from; most of the ones with the largest inventory are online. In particular, if you want to know where to buy gel blasters in Brisbane, then we at  Renegade Blaster are here to help. Our store is based in Queensland, but we sell to all of Australia. However, we suggest checking with your local laws and buying at your own risk if it’s illegal in your state.

How to store gel blaster balls?

When you buy a certain brand of gel balls, pay careful attention to the company and the storage requirements, they can differ from each brand. Generally, gel blaster balls should be rinsed under tap water. During this point, you should make sure they don’t come into contact with soap or chemicals, as it could affect the composition of the ball.

You can either store these balls in water or inside the fridge overnight. Generally, if you choose to store them in water, they will last longer and become bigger in size. The water should be fresh and away from sunlight, as the gel balls could easily disintegrate if not. Plus, they should be stored in a plastic container when not in use.

How to tell when the gel blaster battery is charged?

Most rechargeable gel batteries come with an LED light. When the gel blaster battery is fully charged, it will usually light up red to indicate that it’s ready. Whereas when the gel blaster battery is charging, the LED will light up green.

How long do gel blaster balls take to grow?

In order for a gel blaster bull to reach its full size, it must be stored in water for 4 hours. If you store it under less time than that, the gel blaster balls may not be fully hydrated and won’t be as effective when using.

How to clean gel blaster?

From time to time, gel blasters can get dirty. The best way to clean a gel blaster is by buying a barrel cleaning kit. In this kit are fire rods which allows you to go inside and carefully clean the inside. Often a barrel cleaning kit will come with different rods of a shape and size to allow you to reach inside of the barrel. 

Are gel blasters illegal in wa?

If you own a gel blaster in WA, it is illegal. They are classed as a firearm, and all firearms should be registered with the local police, and you should only own them if you have a license. If you’re found with a gel blaster in wa without a license, you could be charged. 

There is a lot of confusion about owning a gel blaster in New Zealand. Most of the time, gel blasters are classed as toy guns and are not illegal to own. However, due to them looking like real guns, they often cause a lot of distress within the public. Sometimes because they look like a gun, they’re often classed as an imitation firearm, and their legality can depend on the case. To know more, it’s best you contact a local police team in New Zealand.

What are HPA Blasters?

HPA Blasters stands for high pressure air blasters. This type of gel blaster operates a bit differently. Instead of depending on motors and pistons to compress air in the gearbox, HPA uses a single air supply that is fixed. Compressed air comes into the blaster into the HPA engine, which allows the airflow to be controlled, rate of fire and etc, to propel the gels out of the barrel.

How do hpa blasters work?

HPA blasters get their power from air sent from internal compression springs. As a result, the increased air pressure causes the flow to increase and trigger a faster fire rate. 

Is hpa better than co2 or green gas?

Generally, hpa is better than co2 and green gas, but ultimately it depends on the size of your tank. This is because hpa allows you to have more shots per fill and is consistent, and has no cool down. In comparison to Co2 HPA is altered by the temperature and performs well in a cold setting.

Whats the difference between HPA C02 or green gas Gel Blasters?

Green has low pressure, tends to be more cost-efficient and easy for a gel blaster. It also contains silicone oil which adds an extra layer of lubrication to your gel gun when firing. Generally, green gas costs around $10-$20 per can and can get up to 800 shots per can, based on your gun model.

On the other hand, C02 will cause the gel blaster to kick, shoot hard and faster and respond well to cold temperatures. They generally cost less than green gas at around $1 per cylinder and have around 30-50 shots per cartridge.

HPA system involves pressurised air, and the systems have to be replaced regularly. The cost of the tank being replaced can cost between $20-$30. 

Can I shoot frozen gel balls?

Gel blaster guns are created to fire water gell balls, not frozen ones. If you decide to freeze your gel balls, it could cause a lot of damage and cause crystals to form in the gel. Once the crystals are formed, they can crack and cause them to fracture in your gel blasters t piece.

What is the most powerful Gel Blaster?

One gel blaster that is constantly praised for its powerful ability and has high rankings is the SKD M1911 High RPS Gel Blaster. This blaster is only $99.99 but do not. be deceived by its affordable price. 

This gel blaster can fire 9 fast rounds per second over a 15 metres distance. Even some of the newer gel blaster pistols don’t come close to this. It also has a lipo battery and a built-in torch and laser to help you get better accuracy. This powerful gel blaster also has a rechargeable 7.4v battery and fires 7-8mm gel balls.

These are the most common questions we get asked about gel blasters. If you have any further questions that aren’t on this list, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team at Renegade Blasters here. 

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