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Best Gel Blaster for 2021

Best gel blasters

Well, 2021 arrived a few months back and we have finally put together this short guide taking you through the best gel blasters for 2021, and beyond!

So have a read, comment below and get to pour online store for fast delivery, amazing discounts and buy your perfect gel blaster and accessories today!

What is the best Gel Blaster?

This is a big question and there is clearly no definitive answer, due to the subjective nature of something being the best. But here at Renegade Blasters, we know our stuff and this is what we think at least!

The XYL ARP9 is often seen as the daddy of the Gel Blaster world. 

This was released during February 2020, and quite arguably, it may top the list for 2021 too.

This Gel blaster is great because it has the following features:

  • FPS: 250-270
  • Firing method: Semi and auto
  • Performance: It can fire up to 260 feet per second, 20 rounds per second, and fire up to 25 meters. 
  • Frame: Metal and Nylon 
  • Size of gel balls: 7-8mm
  • Battery: 11.1v
  • Quick to disassemble
  • Drum magazines are available

If you’re new or an experienced player, we’re confident this gel blaster will please you. We say this because it has a compact design and allows you to get involved in closed quarter shootouts easily. 

It’s sturdy as well. The XYL ARP9 is mainly constructed from Nylon with metal parts like a trigger, charging handle, magazine release, barrel and more. This gel blaster can gain you a competitive edge by its smart alerts to inform you when the gel balls are fully fed. Therefore saving you time loading them, being one step ahead of your competition. Speaking of which, it also has a straight trigger which allows you to fire quickly and effectively. 

The XYL ARP9 also has a rotating drum which allows you to keep on firing. To know more about this best quality gel blaster, watch a quick overview of the XYL ARP9 here

Best fps gel blaster

Source: Renegade Blasters

If you’re looking to pick the best gel blaster for speed, then it’s the Hanke M97 Pump-action shotgun you should be interested in. This gel blaster has a consistent shooting speed of 280-300 FPS. Plus, it can fire up to 650 feet per second for one single cell ball and 

Alongside its speed, it also replicates the sound of a shotgun when firing. 

Best gel blaster motor

What do you value more when firing a gel blaster, speed or torque?

Ultimately there’s no such ‘best’ gel blaster motor, as the best falls into those two categories. 

Here are some that top the high speed and high torque factors: 

  • Chihai M150 (High torque and high-speed motor combined): This fantastic motor works well with an M130 spring and is a 480 motor. If you’re using the newer gel balls, then they fit this motor well. Similarly, if you own a 460 gel blaster, all you have to do is change the plate at the bottom, and you can upgrade to a 480.

Best gel blaster hop up

Source: Renegade Blasters

When shooting your gel blaster, you will no doubt want to fire a gel ball as fast as possible and add a nifty backspin to it. A hop-up will immediately add backspin, up your game and help you accurately ace your targets. The best gel blaster hop-ups to enhance your gel blaster is the Rizer. 

Now we would say the Rizer v1, but it sold out due to its popularity. However, fear not, the Rizer R1 v2 was released, which is just as good if not better. This hopper is made out of aluminium and has quite a few settings, such as upper and lower adjustment. Plus, it comes with a grub screw and has its own fastening system.

Best battery for gel blaster

When it comes to automatic gel blasters, you will want the best battery for the gel blaster. In this sense, best is often defined at how long the battery lasts before it needs charging or replacing. You want a battery that can support high loads and keep you playing for as long as possible.

Any typical batteries you can find in a store like Duracell, Energizer or anything else you will find that will loose voltage quickly.

For this reason, we recommend a rechargeable lithium battery as they last a lot longer than standard batteries, up to 5 times as long. They may seem a lot more expensive than alkaline and NI-CD.

One example of a good battery for your gel blaster is:

  • Titan Batteries 11.1 v: These are produced in the USA and specifically intended for gel blaster use. Unlike some batteries, these are less likely to heat up while using and can be used for long periods. They also have thick wires, which provide a strong current to your gel blaster. 

Best brand for gel blaster

The best brand for a gel blaster is a widely debated topic within the gel blaster community, and there’s no right answer for it! At Renegade, we feel the best brand tends to be ones that are proven and effective to use. 

You can easily get tempted by affordable brands or attractive looking ones, but if not researched or used by others regularly, these might be the ones that break the most. Therefore we believe when it comes to the best, you want something that’s sturdy and reliable. A great brand for this is Jin Ming. There are lots of Jin Ming gel blasters out there for beginners to experienced players. Most of which praise their durability and effectiveness.

Best cqb gel blaster 

If you’re a gel blaster player that likes to live in suspense and have your adrenaline going, then you will want to play a close quarter battle. This type of combat is purely tactical, and gel blaster balls are often fired across a short target and at many people.

One way of optimizing this type of combat is by using a CQB gel blaster, and the best one for this purpose is the Jingi SLR-CGB Gel Blaster with Metal Gears (Green). This gel blaster is new for 2021 and will make you feel like a ranger with its epic army green colour.

This gel blaster is the best because it is:

  • Battery operated 11.1 v power and is USB rechargeable
  • Comfortable nylon foregrip
  • Works with 7-8mm gel balls and can fit up to 180
  • 240 FPS
  • Can fire up to 15 rounds per second
  • Can fire up to 25 meters
  • Has semi and full auto firing mechanism
  • Weight of 1.45kg

For greater insight and an up-close look at the Jingi SLR-CGB Gel Blaster, watch our overview

Best bolt action gel blaster

bolt action blaster

Do you prefer to shoot manually?

 If so, you may wish to use a bolt action gel blaster. Basically, these gel blasters allow you open and close the breach with your own hands. But to really stand out in your team, you might want to consider the best bolt action gel blaster, which is the Senyu Metal Bolt-Action M24 Gel Blaster.

This nifty gel blaster is a sniper and one of the most affordable bolt action ones available. Normally, you’d expect to pay for just an upgrade to a bolt would be $200-$300. Whereas this gel blaster is $299.00, bargain!

Apart from the price, it has some interesting features, which are:

  •  Can fire up to 320 FPS and up to 30m in the distance
  • Manual/spring powered 
  • No plastic, all-metal gel blaster with a bit of faux wood
  • Can hold 15 gel balls
  • 2540 gram weight
  • Dimensions: L107cm X W 4.0cm X H 20.0cm

If you want to see a visual breakdown, check out the overview of the Senyu Metal Bolt-Action M24 Gel Blaster.

Best M4 Gel Blaster

M4 gel blaster

Do you want to look like a badass playing paintball? 

If so, you will want to opt for a gel blaster that looks like a real-life gun to simulate real combat. When it comes to this, you can’t go wrong with an M4 Gel Blaster. While there are many on the market, we feel hands down the best M4 Gel Blaster is the JG Works M4 Carbine Metal Gel Blaster.  

If you don’t have the patience nor time to assemble your gel blaster, then you’ll be in luck as this great gel blaster comes pre-assembled. Yes, that’s right, you can practically go out and start playing, that’s if you have the right components and players, of course.

Alongside this, it also has the following features:

  • Automatic and battery-operated gel blaster
  • Made out of metal
  • 300 FPS
  • Fires up to 11 rounds per second
  • Can fire up to 25 metres
  • Dimensions L x W x H: 80.2cm x 7.2cm x 18.5cm
  • It can hold around 200 gel balls
  • Holds 7-8mm gel balls 

Best budget gel blaster

Sometimes, the best isn’t always the most expensive when it comes to gel blasters. This couldn’t be more true if you have kids and they’re just starting out. Arguably you don’t want to break your bank balance buying them a gel blaster for their birthday or Christmas present. 

But when browsing the web, for the perfect gel blaster that’s affordable can be quite overwhelming. Ideally, you will want to spend between $200-$350 for your first one. After some time using it and practising, then you will have an insight into what you like and dislike. 

To help you out with some suggestions, here are the best budget gel blasters on the market.

LDT MP5 Deluxe Warinterest

The LDT MP5 Deluxe Warinterest comes at the cost of $349.99 and is a fantastic budget buy. This brand is Warinterest, and it’s a brand that you can easily buy parts for an upgrade (if you like). 

Plus, its gearbox is made out of Nylon and has metal gears, so it’s not too heavy to hold and also durable. What adds to the value is that it comes with a high capacity 11.1v lithium battery. Due to its battery life, it can fire up to 260 feet per second, 19 rounds per second and 25 metres firing distance. Plus, it comes with its own carry bag!

XYL MP5KA1 Auto & Manual Gel Blaster (For Kids)

Now, if you’re specifically looking for a kid-friendly gel blaster, then the XYL MP5KA1 Auto & Manual Gel Blaster can’t do you any wrong. First of all, it’s affordable, only being priced at $69.99 and has both fully automatic and single fire functions. This means it’s perfect for your kids to use in between practice and real-life games. 

Plus, it has a 6v rechargeable battery you can recharge via a USB device. Likewise, it’s durable, being made of high-quality steel and comes with a bunch of accessories. Such accessories it comes with are tactical LED flashlight, sling, foregrip, sight with a green LED, suppressor and more.

What are the best gel blaster balls? 

Even though gel blaster balls are environmentally friendly and disperse easily, there is a range of different qualities that can determine whether they’re the best. Usually, the best gel blaster balls can fall under price and hardness.

  • Hardest: Ausgel Ultra Elite gel ball – A gel ball that can be kept in water and an airtight container for a long period of time. These balls come with 5,400 in a packet and have a heavy weight of 0.22g. They have a great strength which allows them to have the same shape during flight and create impact. 

Well, there you have the best gel blasters for 2021. 

If there’s something we’ve not covered or you’ve got more questions about gel blasters, then feel free to get in touch. At Renegade Blasters, we’re one of the leading companies in Australia who are passionate about providing you with quality gel blasters, upgrades and accessories. 

We’ve been extending our large inventory since 2016 and supply ready-to-use high-quality gel blasters. On the contrary, if you’ve got any questions surrounding them, our team is on standby to help you. For more information, you can contact us here

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