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How To Get Started Gel Blasting Part 2 – Equipment


Gel blasting is an awesome, fun way to spend a couple of hours running around and shooting up friends.

It is a simple game to gear up for. You’ll need a gel blaster, eye protection, and as many gel balls as you can get!

While skilled players may want to invest in extra gear, that’s all you’ll need to get started.

Gel Blaster

You can find various types of gel blasters online like assault rifles, submachine guns and handguns.

You will get a pair of safety goggles and a pack of gel balls when you buy a new blaster.

The googles will be of inferior quality, so getting some separately might be a good idea.

While some local providers include some lovely gel balls to get you started, the majority of the gel balls are of inferior quality. Gel balls are affordable and easily available online.

A decent pair of goggles should come in the box when you spend 200 to 300 dollars or more on a gel blaster.

It makes sense when you buy your next gun since the cost of the googles will be reflected on the price of the gun. No reason to pay for premium googles again since you already got them.

Safety goggles

You can use the included goggles for some practice shooting at home.

However, if you’re in a game or if you’re going to get shot, you should obtain something better

You can pop into Bunnings and get a pair of safety glasses for work, or you can go online and get a pair of shatter resistant goggles.

Gel Balls

A few times a year, the merchant may throw in a bag or two of decent gel balls so you can begin games right away. Normally, the gel balls that come with the blasters are horrible, so don’t waste your time using them.

Gel balls are really cheap; you get a bag with 10,000 Warinterest Hardest Red Gel Balls for about $10.

Gel balls are made of a substance called SAP (Super Absorbent Polymer) and they are sometimes called gellets, water beads, water crystals or some other name that make less sense than gel balls.

The gel balls are really tiny when you get them, but after soaking them in water for 4-5 hours, they grow up to 200 times into a 7-8mm diameter ball, containing 95-98% water.

The soaking gel balls are mostly water with a small amount of biodegradable starch. They will disintegrate upon impact and disappear in no time if left outside after a battle.

They are non-toxic, so if you miss a few after cleaning up, there is no risk of poisoning any pets or wild animals.

Useful Stuff

To get started, you only need a gel blaster, safety goggles, and gel balls. However, other accessories are likely to improve your blasting experience.

Face protection

Getting shot in the face at close range in a Close Quarter Battle can be a bit painful.

By using a full-face mask, you can avoid the agony and avoid getting drenched in sweat. Because this is gel blasting, a simple mesh mask protects you from discomfort while allowing you to breathe freely and avoid sweating profusely. You can find a mesh mask here.


While you sweat, a hat prevents you from getting tanned and sunscreen from irritating your eyes.

A good-looking hat is of course always good to have, even if you are indoors. Even when being shot at, you should look your best!


Intense outdoor games can involve running, jumping, crawling and climbing.

Since most injuries in gel blasting come from twisting your ankle, a couple of nice boots with ankle protection can be useful in intense outdoor games.

Long pants and sleeves can help protect your skin from nicks and abrasions as well as minimize the impact of a gel ball.

Upgrade your gel blaster

Depending on what blaster you have, there are some easy upgrades to enhance the performance.

Some of the more expensive blasters have decent parts in them right out of the box, but most can do with some basic upgrades.


Many gel blasters come with a plastic inner barrel. An easy way to improve the accuracy and the speed of the gel ball is to change the plastic barrel to a metal one.

A barrel replacement will most probably require a new t-piece. A t-shaped plastic component, usually glued to the barrel, feeds the gel ball into position in the barrel.


Adding a hop-up will improve the accuracy of your blaster. It sits in the end of the barrel and its purpose is to give the gel ball a back spin when it exits the barrel.

If you have a metal barrel you can easily add a hop-up.


If you want your gel balls to leave the blaster at a higher velocity, you can change the spring to a stronger one.

If you want a really powerful spring you will have to look at upgrading the battery and possibly the gears.


Most blasters have a 7.4 volt battery out of the box. An easy way to increase the rate of fire is to get a 11.1 volt battery.

An 11.1 volt battery is also good to have if you have upgraded your spring.


Nylon gears are the standard on most blasters and they work just fine. If you have upgraded the spring and the battery they might not be able to keep up with the added stress and start to deteriorate.

You can upgrade the blaster with metal gears; they are way stronger and can take the added stress.

Time to go blasting!

There you go, all set with a gel blaster, gel balls and safety goggles and possibly some useful equipment. Now it is time to find someone to shoot at.

The easiest way is to find a couple of buddies and go shooting in someone’s backyard. Just be sure to tell your neighbours what you are up to and remember to always keep your guns in a bag or a box when you transport them.

No need to freak someone out and have them call the cops on you.

When you’re done blasting you should always empty out the mag and the receiver to avoid problems with gel balls drying out and getting stuck in bad places.

The battery should also be removed and charged. Don’t leave the battery in direct sunlight, and monitor the charging. It can be damaged in the field and can overheat.

Even better than shooting up a couple of friends in some backyard is to shoot up heaps of friends in a battlefield. More on that to come!

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