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Best Gel Blaster For You: A Guide

best gel blaster

What’s the best Gel Blaster?

Here at Renegade Blasters, people often ask us, “What’s the best Gel Blaster?” and whilst it’s often tempting to say that the “Ares TAR-21 Gel Blaster” is the best…the truth of the matter is that asking what the best Gel Blaster is is a bit like asking what the best car in the world is. It’s complicated and a lot of it mostly comes down to personal preference, needs, and budget. 

Much like automobiles, Gel Blasters are complicated machines, and there’s a lot to consider before choosing one. As you may know, Gel Blasters have been taking Australia by storm for several years now, but with so many different varieties, shapes, and sizes available on the market how do you know which one could be the best one for you? 

In this article, we’ll help you make sense of what’s available in terms of the various different types, shapes, and sizes of Gel Blaster guns. There’s a lot to learn, however, the simplest way of understanding what’s available is to learn about the different styles of guns that are manufactured and the differences in how they operate.  

This is because, just like real firearms, Gel Blasters are not just limited to one particular shape or style; there are many different variations available. Like most things in life, there is no overall best option, it’s all about personal preference. We’ll point out a few of our favorites, and why we like them, but at the end of the day, the final decision is yours to make. 

So let’s jump in and learn more about the most popular types and how they operate below. We’ll discuss a few popular accessories too because Blasters are all about the add-ons and mods. 

The most common types of Gel Blaster: 


Automatic Gel Blasters

Pistol Gel Blasters

Mag-Fed Gel Blasters

Metal Gel Blasters

Shotgun Gel Blasters

Rifle Gel Blasters

Sniper Rifle Gel Blasters

SMG Gel Blasters

Kids Gel Blasters

So let’s expore!

Automatic Gel Blasters

As the name suggests, automatic Gel Blasters will normally shoot Gel Balls in 3 types of firing modes: Fully Automatic, Semi Automatic, and Single Shot. 

Typically, Automatic Gel Blasters are modelled on the look and specs of real machine guns, however, it’s not uncommon to also find Automatic Handgun style Gel Blasters too. 

In terms of the different firing modes, an Automatic Gel Blaster switched to Full Auto mode will continue to fire, and automatically reload rounds, until it runs out of ammunition. To enable this, the trigger has to be pulled down with the switch set to Full Auto. 

Fully Auto firing is of course a very enjoyable way to shoot off a lot of rounds in quick succession, however, don’t expect your magazine to stay full of Gel Balls for very long! The typical rate of fire of an Automatic Gel Blaster ranges from around 10 – 20 rounds per second depending on the model you choose.  

Semi Automatic is slightly different due to the fact that the weapon will automatically reload, however, the trigger must be squeezed again in order to shoot off another round. This firing mode obviously produces a slower rate of fire however it does allow you to control your aim more as well as conserve ammunition.

Single Shot firing mode is just as it sounds with just one pull equalling one shot before you have to reload. This shooting mode is undoubtedly the best way to control your aim and conserve ammunition.  

Most types of Automatic Blasters are mag-fed which means you load a magazine into the gun in order to supply it with ammunition. This method makes reloads quicker and gives a more realistic experience. 

Some models use a hopper method of loading ammo. These tend to hold a lot more Gel Balls, but do require a manual reload once you’re out of rounds. 

If you’re looking for the best of both worlds then you may wish to consider getting a drum magazine, which are available for some types of Gel Blaster. Drum magazines are really fun to use and can hold anywhere up to approximately 700 Gel Balls meaning that you rarely need to reload.  

To see the full range of Automatic Gel Blasters, click here.  

Pistol Gel Blasters

As the name suggests, Pistol Gel Blasters are modeled on the look and specs of real pistols. Some of the most popular varieties are Glocks, Berettas, Desert Eagles, and the classic Revolver. 

Most Pistol Gel Blasters operate as ‘Single Shot’ shooters whereby you need to reload the gun after firing a round. Typically, most will be the classic pull-back mechanism and have a magazine capacity of 30 rounds. That being said, there are some varieties of Pistol Gel Blaster that offer ‘Full Auto’ firing modes, and some that even have drum magazines available. These are very fun to use but can run out of ammunition very quickly depending on how trigger happy you are! 

To see the full range of Pistol Gel Blasters, click here. 

Mag-Fed Gel Blasters

There can sometimes be confusion over what exactly a Mag-Fed Gel Blaster is but the difference is quite easy to understand with some explanation. 

The easiest way to explain it is that Mag-Fed Gel Blaster guns are fed via a magazine as opposed to a hopper, this creates a more realistic style of shooting and allows for faster reloads once your magazine is empty. The downside is that magazines hold up to 20 Gel Balls in contrast to a hopper’s 200. However, as mentioned earlier, you can also get drum magazines which can typically hold up to 700 rounds.

A lot of pistols, SMGs, and Automatic Gel Blasters are Mag-Fed. It’s not uncommon for Gel Blaster game players to carry several magazines on them when playing combat games.

To see the full range of Mag-Fed Gel Blasters, click here. 

Metal Gel Blasters  

If you’re looking for something that has a bit more weight and is a bit more realistic-looking, then perhaps a metal Gel Blaster is what you need in your life? 

Metal Gel Blasters are very popular with serious enthusiasts because their heavier weight makes them easier to handle and aim. They’re generally more robust and often have more rails and areas to attach tactical accessories to them. 

Being generally more robust, it’s also possible to get some metal Blasters that are CO2 Gas-Powered, such as the Well 1911 G194 Metal Gel Blaster Handgun. Obviously being gas powered, a handgun like this is a lot more powerful shooting up to 300 feet a second. To see this baby in action, watch the video below: 

To see the full range of Metal Gel Blasters, click here.

Best Shotgun Gel Blasters 

Most folks would agree that one of the most enjoyable things about firing a shotgun has to be the pump-action reload. The whole physical dynamic of holding the gun with two hands, and using both hands to operate it, creates such an enjoyable shooting experience. 

For a long time in the Gel Blaster world the shotgun category itself was a bit lackluster, this was mainly because most of the guns available were only able to fire single shots in the traditional ‘slug style’ of shotgun shooting. However, that has changed recently with some newer models now being able to fire in a ‘buckshot’ style.

The Hanke M97 Gel Blaster Shotgun is a great example of this, offering both modes of shooting. Because it’s a fully manual, hand-operated blaster (no batteries or gas), the switch between ‘slug’ and ‘buckshot’ is based upon the angle that you reload it. Keep it horizontal for single shots, or angle it downward to fill-up the chamber with gels and blast them all out buckshot style! When we say this one is a game-changer, we really do mean it. 

In single shot mode it can fire at 400-650 feet per second, and in buckshot mode it can fire 2-6 balls at 280 feet per second. 

For a quick overview of the Hanke M97 Gel Blaster in action watch this video: 

To see the full range of Metal Gel Blasters, click here.

Rifle Gel Blasters

In traditional firearms manufacturing, a rifle is classified as a long-barrelled gun designed for accurate shooting. The barrel typically has a helical pattern of grooves (“rifling”) cut into the bore wall. In keeping with their focus on accuracy, rifles are typically designed to be held with both hands and braced firmly against the shooter’s shoulder via a buttstock for stability during shooting. If you’d like to read more about the history of rifles, head over to Wikipedia.

In the Gel Blasting world, rifles are manufactured in roughly the same way with an emphasis on the gun to be operated with both hands. There’s of course quite a lot of crossover in the rifle category with automatics and sniper rifles, however, if you’re looking for a very traditional-looking rifle, we cannot recommend the Hanke KAR 98K Shell-Ejecting Gel Blaster enough!

It’s a fully manual bolt-action Blaster that looks and operates just like a traditional rifle. You can even get metal shell casings to load Gels into, how cool is that? Watch the video below for a quick demonstration:

To see the full range of Rifle Gel Blasters, click here.

Best Sniper Rifle Gel Blasters

Ahhh, yes! Sniper Rifles have to be one of our favorite categories of Gel Blasters here at Renegade Blasters. The reason is quite simple, target practice. 

It’s all well and good playing Close Quarter Combat Blaster games, however, the true test of any Blaster enthusiast is their marksmanship skills. So, whether you’ve got a simple bullseye target set-up in your hallway, or you’ve got a full range target practice set-up in your backyard, a Sniper Rifle Blaster is the perfect way to really put your marksmanship skills to the test.

There’s a lot of options when it comes to Sniper Rifles too. Most are mag-fed, however some can be loaded via a hopper. The same goes for reloading with some being the traditional bolt-action and some being automatic. The majority of Sniper Rifles come in 1:1 scale however there’s also a big demand for mini versions which are either great for children wanting to learn target practice, or for Adults who just want to blow-off some steam whilst sat at their desk. 

If you want to see just how big a full 1:1 scale can be in real life, check out this video of the Jieying (Swift Hawk) M40 Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle Gel Blaster:

Of course, one item that unites all Sniper Rifles is the scope because you will need it to shoot at targets which are further away than you can accurately see with the naked eye. There are a lot of different options when it comes to scopes, so it’s good to research what’s available depending on your needs. Most Sniper Rifles come with an 8x scope, however, it’s possible to get up to 9x magnification, such as this awesome scope from Bushnell.    

If you are after real precision shooting, you may want to consider getting a laser sight for your Sniper Rifle. These are really fun to use, especially in low light conditions, like in the evening or indoors. You can check out our full range of scopes and sights by clicking here.

To see the full range of Sniper Rifle Gel Blasters, click here.

SMG Gel Blasters

What’s an SMG Blaster I hear you ask? It’s quite simple really, SMG Gel Blasters are modeled after real Submachine Guns

These guns are generally shorter in stock length than Automatics and Rifles. SMG Gel Blasters are generally favored by most Close Quarter Combat players simply because of their combined maneuverability and rapid firepower. 

One of our favorite SMG Blasters has to be the extremely popular XYL ARP9 SMG Gel Blaster. It’s one of the smallest Blasters in the SMG category, but trust us, this only adds to its ease of use in CQC games; especially if you’re a dual wielder! 

With a 200 round magazine, blow-back feature, and the ability to shoot 20 rounds per second; the XYL ARP9 is a seriously fun Blaster to use. 

Of course, if you are after something a little longer in length you could consider the awesome looking Lehui Kriss Vector V2, or the ZH SAW M249 V4 with it’s huge 1000 round magazine and foldable bipod for some serious blasting!

To see the full range of SMG Gel Blasters, click here.

Best Kids Gel Blasters

Anyone who has kids that own Gel Blasters will be able to tell you just how much they love playing with them. 

Of course, we always recommend adult supervision (especially eye-protection) for kids using any kind of Gel Blaster, however the fact remains; kids just love blasting!

Because of this simple fact, the Gel Balster industry has not only produced many scaled-down models, but also plenty of child-specific models that often have reduced range and firepower for increased safety.

The other great thing about Kids Gel Blasters is that they don’t come with adult price tags! It’s quite rare to see any Kids Blaster with a price tag above $100, making them extremely good value. 

For example, you can get a fully Automatic, 400 round mag Blaster with a sight and bipod for under $75! It even comes with a sick paint job, how awesome is that? Be sure to check out the Luochen M249 if you’re interested in that kind of spec. The video below shows you just what it’s capable of:

Of course, there’s not only Automatics available, but also Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, and traditional Revolvers.

If there’s one thing that all the parents who visit Renegade Blasters agree on, it’s the fact that we wish we had these to play with when we were kids!

To see the full range of Kids Gel Blasters, click here.

Final Thoughts

So in conclusion to the original question, “What’s the best Blaster?”, we hope that you have learned a few things about this topic now. 

We realise that it can take a long time to research all of this, but essentially the ‘best Blaster’ is the one that’s best for you, your needs, and your budget. 

If you have any questions, or just need some advice, you can always contact us by email: or give us a call on 0422 345 992 

Of course, you’re always welcome to visit us here in person at our store on The Gold Coast, QLD, if you ever want to see any of our Blasters or accessories in the flesh. We’d love to see you and we’re always happy to talk about our favorite Blasters for hours on end. Obviously, nothing beats just holding one and seeing how it feels in your own hands. 

We’re located at: 1/20 Manufacturer Dr, Molendinar, QLD, 4214, Australia.

And Finally!

Check out our most recent video of the Wells M4-08 Metal Gel Blaster out now!

Happy blasting everybody!

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Are Gel Blasters Legal in Australia?

are gel blasters legal in Australia?

What are Gel Blasters and are they legal in Australia? 

These are two very important questions and we will explore them both in this article.  

So what exactly is a Gel Blaster? A relatively new invention on the scene, Gel Blaster guns have captivated the shooting world in recent years due to their low cost and cleanliness. Technically-speaking, Gel Blasters are manufactured as ‘toy guns’ which allows them to navigate the legal issues associated with Paintball and Airsoft gun sales in Australia.

They are often very similar in design to Airsoft guns, however, Gel Blasters differ from Airsoft due to their price, ammunition, firepower, and internal firing mechanisms. Gel Blasters are typically spring-powered and battery-operated shooting soft gel projectiles (Gel Balls) up to 250 feet per second. 

As you may be aware, firearms ownership is heavily regulated in Australia, with Airsoft being totally banned. For shooting enthusiasts, the best choice really is to own a Gel Blaster, that being said however, there are still some legal issues that you must be aware of before purchasing one. Because Australia is such a huge country, the legalities do differ from state to state, so it makes sense to learn what the rules are in each region. That way you can always enjoy shooting whilst staying on the correct side of the law.

So what does Australian law actually say about Gel Blasters? Well, according to the Department of Home Affairs Notice No. 2017/43 states:

“A recent review of Regulation 4F means that devices that discharge soft and non-dangerous items such as soft darts and hydrolyzed super-absorbent polymers (gel balls) are no longer classified as firearms under the Regulations.”

That’s great news for shooting enthusiasts. However, the document also states: 

“Where these devices resemble a real firearm, they will be classified as an imitation of a firearm under the Regulations.” 

And this is where the legality gets a bit tricky because different Australian states have different approaches to this concept, especially as it’s fairly subjective in nature when you study the exact wording they have used. 

To view the official Australian Border Force document and more details on whether Gel Blasters are legal in Austrlia, please click here.

So, let’s look at the legal issues state by state to get a better idea of what you can and can’t do according to the law. We’ll start with the states that have the ‘good news’ first and then go work through to the more tricky states:

Are Gel Blasters Legal in Queensland?

100% legal to purchase from reputable businesses, legal to own, and no license is needed. Woohoo!

The Gel Blaster Law in South Australia

Enjoying just as much shooting freedom as in QLD! It’s 100% legal to purchase from reputable businesses, legal to own, and no license is needed. Happy days all round! 

The Laws In Northern Territory

Classified as a ‘toy’ however, some Gel Blasters may be considered as an imitation firearm depending on their physical appearance. It’s advised that customers consult with their local law enforcement if they are concerned. To be on the safe side, if your Gel Blaster is all black and looks very much like a ‘real firearm’, then we would advise that you contact the police for further clarification…or you could simply make your blaster look less like a real firearm? 

Legal In Tasmania?

Same as in Northern Territory, they are classified as a ‘toy’ however some Gel Blasters may be considered as an imitation firearm depending on their appearance. It’s advised that customers consult with their local law enforcement if they are concerned about how legal Gel Blasters are in Tasmania. To be on the safe side, if your Gel Blaster is all black and looks very much like a ‘real firearm’, then we would advise that you contact the police for further clarification…or you could simply make your blaster look less like a real firearm? 

Are Gel Blasters Legal New South Wales?

Although generally classified as toys we have to advise that some Gel Blasters may be considered as an imitation firearm. It’s advised that customers need to consult with their local law enforcement, especially if your blaster is all black in appearance and looks very much like a ‘real firearm’. 

Luckily, the NSW fact sheet regarding imitation firearms clearly states that: “An imitation firearm does not include anything that is produced and identified as a children’s toy”. Click this link to the NSW Police website to help you clarify your position further.

Victoria Gel Blaster Legality

Okay, so the legal issues associated with Gel Blaster ownership are ‘quite grey’ in the state of Victoria. The best course of action is to check with the police first because ultimately you are dealing with subjective legal terms in Victoria. (Plus, if there is a future legal issue concerning your Gel Blaster ownership then at least you can hold some proof that you checked with the police first).

From the official Victoria Police website, this is what they state about Firearms Classifications:

“Generally, if an item cannot be mistaken for a working firearm by a reasonable person and does not have the function of a firearm, it will be treated as a toy firearm or other firearm-themed paraphernalia and can be owned without a licence or other authority.

However, items that have the appearance of a working firearm, even where they do not function as one, are classified as imitation firearms. As imitation firearms can cause public alarm, only people with a Chief Commissioner’s Weapons Approval or Governor in Council Exemption can possess, carry or offer them for sale in the State of Victoria.”


Please be advised that you may wish to take extra precautions before purchasing in Victoria.

Are Gel Blasters Legal Western Australia?

In Western Australia the legality of possessing a Gel blaster gun is still being discussed by Parliament, you can read about that here.

The wording however does not outright state that it’s 100% illegal, as it states: “The Western Australia Police Force advises that gel blasters are not legal in Western Australia. The Western Australia Police Force is reviewing the legal status of gel blasters, taking into account their status in other states and territories.”

So, by analysing this terminology we can ascertain that it’s ‘borderline’ as to what the exact legal status actually is, especially as it is ‘currently under review’. However, we still recommend with extreme caution in WA, and if in doubt, we would advise you to check with your local police force for absolute clarification on what is allowed. 

The fact that a 16yr old decided to bring his blaster to school earlier this year is certainly not helping matters in WA (massive facepalm).

We would certainly advise that you never use your Gel Blaster in a public location, wherever you live in Australia, simply to avoid it being mistaken as a real firearm. A good rule of thumb is always approach its usage with the same care and respect as you would a real firearm! And like we have mentioned above for NT and Tasmania, if you’re really concerned then you could simply make your blaster look less like a real firearm? A bit of spray paint, some stickers, maybe some sci-fi themed tactical attachments; there are many different ways to skin this cat! So get creative.

Here are 6 of our favourite Gel Blasters for 2020!

So know you are more familiar with Gel Blasters and how legal they are in Australia, now time to explore some of our top picks of best Gel Blasters for 2020!

The JinMing M4A1 Gen 8 (J8)

A reliable, hard-hitting, Gel Blaster, totally legal in Australia, right out the box!

One of the top Gel Blasters available on the market right now! The JinMing M4A1 is a firm favorite among blaster enthusiasts for all the right reasons. Its massive popularity comes as no surprise due to its relatively low price and ‘straight outta the box’ performance. It comes in a full black colour scheme, tip-to-stock, along with massive potential for serious upgrades and modifications. For example, you can easily upgrade to drum mags, laser sights, alloy barrels, and much, much more. If you upgrade the battery to the 11.1v version you can nearly double your firing rate! How awesome is that?

Whether you’re new to the Gel Blaster shooting scene or you’ve been around for a while, this is definitely one you will want to add to your arsenal. Be the envy of all your mates when they see you with this absolute beast.

JinMing M4A1 Features:

Brand: JinMing

Model: M4A1 Gen 8 (J8)

Firing Mode: Full Auto

Mag Capacity: Approx 180 7-8mm Gel Balls

Shooting Spec: Up to 270 Feet Per Second, Up to 25 Meter Firing Distance, Up to 11 Rounds Per Second (7.4v Battery), or up to 20 Rounds Per Second (11.1v Battery).

Other features: Nylon Gearbox Shell, Mag Fed, 20mm Rails on all 4 Sides for Tactical Accessories, Adjustable Stock Length, Sling Attachment Points, and Holographic Sight with Illumination.

Color: Full Black Color Scheme

Gun Spec: Length: 68cm, Width: 5.5cm, Height: 23.5cm, Weight: 680g. 

Included Accessories: 5 x 500 Packs of Gel Balls, 1 x Bottle, 1 x Rechargeable 1200 mAh 7.4v Li-ion Battery (Upgrade to a 11.1v Li-Po Battery to double rate of fire!), 1 x USB Charging Cable, 1 x Reflex Scope with Illuminated Crosshair (Battery Operated) and 1 pair of Safety Glasses. 

Additional Accessories: Drum mags, laser sights, hop ups, alloy barrels, higher voltage and larger capacity batteries, stronger springs, metal gears, and full upgrade kits for this model. Message us for more info.

Price: $169.99 

To view this blaster in full, click here. 

The LDT HK416D Gen 3.0 (with HK Carry Bag)

LDT is known for making quality blasters and this one is no joke!

Presented in its own incredibly-designed carry bag, the LDT HK416D Gen 3.0 just oozes with style, powerful spec, and comes with plenty of room for upgrades or attachments if you desire. It has a classic M16 aesthetic to it, and both looks and feels very well-balanced in your hands. It is fully ready to be taken straight to the game right out of the box…and with 10,000 Gel Balls included, you’re definitely set for hours and hours of shooting fun straight off the bat. One of the slightly pricier Blasters on the market but definitely worth every cent for all the awesome features it comes with. 

LDT HK416D Gen 3.0 Features:

Brand: LDT 

Model: HK416D Version 3

Firing Mode: Full Auto & Semi Auto

Mag Capacity: Approx 240 7-8mm Gel Balls

Shooting Spec: Up to 330 Feet Per Second, Up to 25 Meter Firing Distance, Up to 11 Rounds Per Second (7.4v Battery), or up to 20 Rounds Per Second (11.1v Battery).

Other features: 2-piece split receiver, Strong nylon construction from tip to stock, LDT Warinterest No.2 Gearbox with Nylon Gears, 1.2mm Spring, 18:1 Gear Ratio, Metal Barrel, Metal Outer Barrel to reduce vibration, Metal Buffer Tube, Metal Charging Handle, CNC Metal Pin, Laser Print on Receiver, Solid metal rod for added strength, Extendable Stock, Factory Fitted Z2Z hop up, Solid rubber cap on stock butt, Rails on all 4 sides for tactical attachments, compatible with JM Gen 9 Magazines. 

Color: Full Black Color Scheme

Gun Spec: Length: 71cm (or 80cm with Stock Extender), Width: 6cm, Height: 20cm, Weight: 1650g. 

Included Accessories: A high quality full-length HK padded carry bag (with pockets, elastic loops, and zip pockets), 1 x Magazine, Holographic sight, Flash hider, Sling, 7.4v Rechargeable Battery, USB Charger, Safety Glasses, Bottle, 10,000 Pack of Gel Balls

Additional Accessories: DK Adjustable Hop Up which can increase firing distance and improve accuracy by applying backspin to the Gel Balls as they leave the barrel. The HK416D also has a Tamiya battery connector and requires an adapter to connect other batteries or 11.1v batteries. Message us for more info on upgrading your LDT HK416D.

Price: $349.99 

To view this blaster in full, click here. 


With its big 1:1 scale, big mag clip and a big list of features, the XYL ARP9 SMG slams down hard! This is a serious Blaster for serious shooters. Released earlier this year, this XYL ARP9 SMG blaster is just dripping with quality and feels really good in either one or both hands. If you wanna feel like an absolute boss, then try dual-wielding with 2 ARP9s in each hand on Full Auto! With a 200 round mag, you will feel simply invincible at the game. LDT have really gone to town on the ARP9 with many of the internal mechanisms being exceptionally high quality. Like most Blasters, if you want to increase your firing rate then upgrade your battery to an 11.1v Tamiya and you will be good to go. A highly recommended higher-end Blaster.

XYL ARP9 SMG Features:

Brand: XLY

Model: ARP9 SMG

Firing Mode: Full Auto & Semi Auto

Mag Capacity: Approx 200 7-8mm Gel Balls

Shooting Spec: Up to 260 Feet Per Second, Up to 25 Meter Firing Distance, Up to 20 Rounds Per Second (7.4v Battery).

Other features: Blow-Back Feature, Black Muzzle, High Quality Solid Nylon Body, Approx 1:1 Scale, Nylon Gearbox with High Quality 8mm Bushings, Stainless Steel 60% Volume Cylinder, 18:1 Metal Gears, Long Shaft 480 Motor with Vented Case Capable of 24,000RPM @ 11.1v, MOSFET with Active Braking, Nylon Butt Stock, Nylon Fishbone, 20mm Rails on All 4 Sides for Tactical Accessories, Metal Trigger, Metal Charging Handle, Metal Dust Cover, Metal Bolt Catch, Adjustable Stock, MLOK Handguard, 130mm Alloy Inner with 7.5mm ID and 9.5mm OD, Nylon Outer Barrel with 14mm CCW Threaded Tip, Removable Muzzle, Adjustable Iron Sight.

Color: Mostly Black Color Scheme with some coloured detailing and highlights.

Gun Spec: Length: 50-59cm, Width: 5cm, Height: 28cm, Weight: 1620g. 

Included Accessories: 200 round Magazine, 7.4v Battery, USB Charger, Muzzle, Set of Iron Sights, and Safety Glasses.

Additional Accessories: The XYL RP9 Gel Blaster has a Tamiya battery connector and requires an adapter to connect other batteries or 11.1v batteries. Message us for more info.

Price: $329.99

To view this blaster in full, click here. 

The Jieying (Swift Hawk) AWM Bolt-Action Sniper Rifle 

Looking for an awesome, hard-hitting, 1:1 scale build bolt-action sniper rifle? Then look no further than the Jieying AWM. This Blaster is about as solid as they come, and just like how many photographers say that a heavier camera is easier to wield than a light one, the same principle applies here. Weighing in at just over 3kg, the Jieying AWM is exceptionally steady and well-balanced when in your hands. Precise aiming at even very small targets is completely possible with the Jieying AWM. So, if you’re after a mid-range price Sniper Rifle that is exceptionally accurate to shoot, then the Jieying AWM could be what you’ve been waiting for.

Brand: Jieying (Swift Hawk)

Model: AWM

Firing Mode: Manual / Mechanical / Spring-Powered / Single-Shot Bolt-Action

Mag Capacity: Approx 50 7-8mm Gel Balls

Shooting Spec: Up to 290 Feet Per Second, Up to 20 Meter Firing Distance, One shot per pull. 

Other features: 1:1 Scale build, Electronic Magazine, High Quality Nylon Body, Metal Bolt Handle, Solid Nylon Bolt, Satin Rubberized Coating, Magnifying Scope with 20mm Rails on 3 Sides, Metal Sling Attachment at Front and Rear, Thick Hard Rubber Capped Butt Stock, Solid Metal Butt Stock Hinge, Foldable Butt Stock, Trigger Safety Lock, Alloy Inner Barrel, Dual Sling Attachment Points, Cheek Riser, Solid Aluminium Height-Adjustable Monopod, 20mm Rail on Top & Bottom for Tactical Accessories, Magazine Runs on 2x AAA Batteries (not included). 

Color: Available in Tan or Green with black trim.

Gun Spec: Length: 107-129cm, Width: 9cm, Height: 24cm, Weight: 3120g. 

Included Accessories: Safety Glasses.

Additional Accessories: Magazine, Magnifying Scope, and Muzzle, message us for more info.

Price: $299.99

To view this blaster in full, click here. 

Gang Jiang Mini 98K Sniper Rifle  

Looking for a Blaster that’s both really fun to use and very reasonably priced? After a Sniper Rifle package that is ready to go, not very bulky and also suitable for younger shooters to practice with? Then look no further than the Gang Jiang Mini 98K Sniper Rifle! For less than the price of a family dinner, you can get a fully-ready-to-go Sniper Rifle package that will keep you entertained for years and years. An awesome little package that will help younger shooters learn how to handle a rifle and also allow you to enjoy some target practice in smaller environments such as indoors or in the backyard. A miniature version of the full sized blaster, this is one of our favourite low-priced Blasters available.

Brand: Gang Jiang

Model: Mini 98K

Firing Mode: Manual / Spring-Powered / Single Shot

Hopper Capacity: Approx 40 7-8mm Gel Balls

Shooting Spec: Up to 120 Feet Per Second, Up to 10 Meter Firing Distance, One shot per pull.

Other features: Miniature Version of the Full Sized Blaster, ABS Construction, Simply Cock Back and Fire, Hopper Scope

Color: Wood effect with black detailing 

Gun Spec: Length: 45.5cm, Width: 2.8cm, Height: 10cm, Weight: 1620g. 

Included Accessories: Bipod, Hopper Scope, Suppressor, Muzzle, 3 x Targets, 3 x Nerf Darts, Safety Glasses, and a 500 Pack of Gel Balls.

Additional Accessories: Optional Suppressor and Optional Muzzle, message us for more info.

Price: $24.99

To view this blaster in full, click here. 

LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Gel Blaster

After a Blaster that can cover all types of shooting? From single shots to 15 rounds a second? The Lehui Kriss Vector V2 might just be the one for you then. Based upon the design of the machine gun of the same name, the Kriss Vector, feels great in your hands and offers shooters 3 different ways to blast; all at the flick of a switch! It comes with loads of features and upgrades that even allow for some Airsoft options. A really robust and cool-looking Blaster, you will surely be winning plenty of games in the future with this. The package comes with everything you could need including an 11.1v battery, an attachable flashlight, and a red dot laser sight! And with a reasonable mid-range price tag, it won’t put such a big dent in your wallet either. The LeHui Kriss Vector V2 has been our go-to Blaster of choice for many months now here at the Renegade HQ and we seriously cannot recommend it enough, she’s sweet as!

LeHui Kriss Vector V2 Features:

Brand: LeHui

Model: Kriss Vector V2

Firing Mode: Single, 3-Shot Burst, or Full Auto.

Mag Capacity: Approx 200 7-8mm Gel Balls

Shooting Spec: Up to 240 Feet Per Second, Up to 25 Meter Firing Distance, Up to 15 Rounds Per Second (7.4v Battery), or up to 20 Rounds Per Second (11.1v Battery).

Other features: Full Nylon Construction, Next Gen High Performance Gearbox, Silent Operation, Mag Fed, Mag Primer, Foldable Stock, Vertical Foregrip, Tactical LED Flashlight, Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight, Holographic Scope, Iron sights, 20mm Rails on all 4 Sides for Tactical Accessories, Optional Sling Attachment included with a storage compartment in the sling attachment.

Color: Black Color Scheme with Orange Detailing. 

Gun Spec: Length: 77cm, Height: 36cm. 

Included Accessories: Magazine, 11.1v High Quality Rechargeable Battery, Battery Charger, Holographic Sight, Muzzle, Suppressor, Vertical Foregrip, Pack of Screws and Screwdriver, Set of Iron Sights, Sling Attachment, 2 x Hex Keys, 500 Pack of 7-8mm Gel Balls, Illustrated Instructions. 

Additional Accessories: Gearboxes and internals can be upgraded, message us for more info.

Price: $219.99 

To view this blaster in full, click here.

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Gel Balls: The Ultimate Guide

gel balls guide

Gel Balls

Attention all shooting sports, target practice, and close-quarters combat fans! 

Have you heard of Gel Balls yet? This relatively new product has been taking the shooting world by storm lately due to its low cost, cleanliness, and its ability to navigate the legal issues sometimes associated with Airsoft and Paintball guns. 

A fairly new concept in the shooting world, these guns are known as ‘Gel Blasters’ (sometimes called Gel Guns, Gel Shooters, Gel Markers, Hydro Markers, or Gelsoft) and are manufactured specifically as ‘toy guns’. They are often very similar in design to Airsoft guns, however Gel Blasters differ from Airsoft due to their price, ammunition, fire power and internal firing mechanisms. 

Airsoft guns shoot plastic pallets over 350 feet per second and typically use compressed air. Gel Blasters are often spring-powered, battery-operated plastic toy guns that shoot soft gel projectiles up to 250 feet per second. 

Gel Blaster guns fire these balls as projectiles (sometimes known as Gel Beads, Hydrogel Balls or Gels), which are 6–8 mm (0.24–0.31”) diameter super-absorbent polymer water beads usually made from Sodium Polyacrylate. Similar products are often sold commercially as garden moisture retainers. 

It’s safe to say that GB’s are a lot cleaner and more environmentally-friendly than either Paintball rounds or Airsoft BBs. Made from non-toxic, biodegradable materials, and over 90% water; burst upon impact leaving virtually no residue or mess. After a short while they soon dissipate making them perfect for both indoor and outdoor shooting sessions where you don’t want to leave any mess behind! 

‘Gel Balling’ or ‘Gel Blasting’ as a team sport is often played in CQB-style shooting skirmishes similar to Paintball by squads or local clubs of enthusiasts who follow an Airsoft-style honor-based gameplay umpiring system. MilSim games usually involve teams of players wearing camouflage, whilst “SpeedGel” players are often more casual with team jerseys. In addition to safety gear such as eye protection and masks, the sport is heavily regulated on the field and players must adhere to safety rules.


What are Gel Balls?

Gel Balls are non-toxic, environmentally-friendly, water beads used as ammunition for Gel Blaster toy guns. Gel Balls are typically 6–8 mm (0.24–0.31”) in diameter once they have been placed in water, growing up to 200x their original size. Gel Balls are also sometimes referred to as Jelly Beads, Water Orbs, Hydro Orbs, Polymer beads, or Gel Beads. We prefer the term Gel Ball as it makes the most sense.

How are they made?

The gel ball itself is usually composed of a water-absorbing polymer such as Polyacrylamide, Poly methyl acrylate (PMA), or Sodium polyacrylate. These are often referred to as being a super-absorbent polymer (SAP). The balls themselves are extruded and then dropped into a solution before being dehydrated. Most Gel Balls are manufactured in China. Scientific information on how Gel Beads are made can be found here:

Are Gel Balls toxic?

No, Gel Balls are not toxic, in fact, they are biodegradable and environmentally-friendly. Strangely enough they are popular among gardeners because of their moisture retention properties, so this just goes to show how safe they are for the environment. 

That being said, we do advise however that Gel Balls should not be consumed internally by humans or animals because they significantly grow in size when hydrated in water.

What are the best ones on the market?

This is a subjective question and often depends on the shooter’s personal preferences. Price, size, and hardness can all have an effect on the GB’s shooting performance. The Gel Blaster you choose to use will also have an impact on performance. The best thing to do is to experiment and see what set-up works best for you.

It should be noted that the preparation process of hydrating your GB’s also has a big impact on their accuracy and performance. This includes the type of water you use. 

How long do they last?

Once hydrated, you can store them in the fridge. Place them in an airtight container, away from the elements and direct sunlight. If stored properly, they will last around 2 weeks.

For dry ones, they can last many, many years if stored in the right conditions. Obviously they need to be stored in a sealed container and kept away from water, humidity, or direct sunlight.

How should I store Gel Balls?

As mentioned above, it is best to store hydrated Gel Balls in the fridge. Store them in an airtight container, away from the elements and direct sunlight.

For dry ones, they can last several years if stored in the right conditions. Obviously, they need to be stored in a sealed container and kept away from water, humidity, or direct sunlight.

Do not store your balls in the freezer, contrary to popular belief, this will not make your balls harder. Freezing will actually make your GB’s brittle and more prone to breaking when firing.

Are Gel Balls biodegradable?

Yes. Gel Balls are non-toxic, environmentally friendly, and typically 94-98% water. Because they explode upon impact they will soon disperse and break-down fairly quickly.

Do Gel Balls hurt?

This depends. Typically the pain caused by a Gel Ball is very low. Gel Balls do not cause significant damage or piercing to the skin making them safe to use with friends and family if you follow basic safety precautions.

Obviously the model of Gel Blaster which you get shot by does have an impact on how likely it is to hurt, as does the distance at which you get shot from, and also the type of Gel Ball. Typically, pistol Gel Blasters don’t shoot as hard or as far as the rifle Gel Blasters do.

In most cases being shot by a Gel Blaster pistol will feel like a quick pinch and may occasionally result in a temporary mark.

If shot by a rifle, it will result in significant short-lived pain and possibly a small welt that may last a day.

We always recommend following basic safety precautions, such as following the manufacturer’s guidelines and wearing safety equipment when using Gel Balls or Gel Blasters.

How long do I soak the Gel Balls in water for?

Gel Balls generally take a minimum of 4 hours to fully hydrate. It is best to use distilled or demineralized water to hydrate your Gel Balls with. In general it is best to experiment with soaking times to see what works best for you and your Gel Blaster.

3 x Product Highlights

Warinterest Harder Heavier Milky White Gel Balls (7-8mm diameter) 

10,000 Round Pack

The ultimate competition Gel Ball! The new Warinterest milky white Gel Ball is now heavier and harder than ever. Packing more of a punch out of the barrel than ever before, this competition-grade Gel Ball is manufactured from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. It leaves no residue or stains as the balls dissipate after a short time. Accept no substitutes! 

These competition-grade Gel Balls are manufactured from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. They leave no residue or stains as the balls dissipate after a short time. The diameter of each ball is approximately 7-8mm. We recommend using a 7.5cm or smaller barrel for the best shooting performance. 


1 x Warinterest 10,000 round pack of Milky White Gel Balls (Heavier)


Add the Gel Balls to water for at least 4 hours and the balls will grow to 7-8mm. For storage put your hydrated Gel Balls in a sealed container in the fridge and use within 2 weeks for best results. Drain as necessary.

Please note: Do not leave Gel Balls in the magazine or gun for extended periods without use as they will begin to shrink to the internals, causing blockages and affecting your gun’s overall performance.

Warinterest Tracer ‘Glow in the Dark’ Gel Balls (7-8mm diameter) 3,000 Round Pack

Imagine all the quality and performance of Warinterest GB’s but with a special ‘glow in the dark’ dye feature added. Whether alone or in a group setting, you can now enjoy shooting Gel Balls that glow in the dark! This awesome feature of the Warinterest Tracer GB’s allows you to enjoy Gel Blasting well into the night. Add a new dimension to the sport you love as well as impressing your friends and family with these glow in the dark hardened GB’s. 

These competition-grade GB’s are manufactured from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. They leave no residue or stains as the balls dissipate after a short time. The diameter of each ball is approximately 7-8mm. We recommend using a 7.5cm or smaller barrel for the best shooting performance. 

Please note: You will need to obtain a special magazine in order to achieve the optimum ‘glow in the dark’ look from these GB’s.


1 x Warinterest 3,000 round pack of Tracer ‘Glow in the Dark’ GB’s (7-8mm diameter)


Add the GB’s to water for at least 4 hours and the balls will grow to 7-8mm. For storage put your hydrated GB’s in a sealed container in the fridge and use within 2 weeks for best results. Drain as necessary.

Please note: Do not leave Gel Balls in the magazine or gun for extended periods without use as they will begin to shrink to the internals, causing blockages and affecting your gun’s overall performance.

Alpha King 7-8mm HARDEST White Gel Ball Ammo (10,000 Pack)

The Competition standard! After extensive research and testing, we have discovered that Alfa King Gel Balls are some of the hardest and best performing available, much firmer than the standard clear Gel Balls. These Gels can be compressed much more allowing them to be fired much further making a greater impact before bursting. 

These competition grade GB’s are manufactured from non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials. They leave no residue or stains as the balls dissipate after a short time. The diameter of each ball is approximately 7-8mm. We recommend using a 7.5cm or smaller barrel for the best shooting performance.


1 x Alpha King 10,000 round pack of Hardened White GB’s (7-8mm diameter)  


Add the gel balls to water for at least 4 hours and the balls will grow to 7-8mm. For storage put your hydrated Gel Balls in a sealed container in the fridge and use within 2 weeks for best results. Drain as necessary.

Please note: Do not leave Gel Balls in the magazine or gun for extended periods without use as they will begin to shrink to the internals, causing blockages and affecting your gun’s overall performance.

So be sure to check out our awesome range of the best Gel Balls on the market and explore our special offers today!

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Gel Blasters: The Ultimate Guide

gel blasters australia

What is a Gel Blaster?

Gel blasters are relatively new on the scene, with the first iterations of gel blasters hitting shelves around five years ago. A gel blaster is essentially a cross between a paintball gun and an airsoft gun. But instead of shooting a foam bullet, or a pellet of paint, gel blasters shoot out biodegradable gel balls that are often similar to water-retaining products that are sold in gardening centers for use on plants, veggie patches and gardens.

Whilst paint can be incredibly toxic for the environment in its production of emissions that can harm the ozone layer, and non-eco-friendly foam bullets, once discarded, will eventually take over a thousand years to decompose, the gel balls used in gel blasters are completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. And unlike paintball guns, you don’t receive a massive hit when someone shoots you in the backside – sure there’s a bit of pain if you’re shot by a larger rifle at close range, but gel blasters won’t cause significant damage or piercing to the skin and are safe to use with friends and family. 

How do Gel Blasters work?

Gel blasters are battery powered toy guns that, much like an airsoft gun, fire off pellets. However, the gel blaster pellets are, somewhat obviously, made of gel like water beads. They leave behind no mess, and there’s no need to recollect pellets to avoid spoiling your environment once you’ve finished using them. Gel blasters vary in power, accuracy and realism, depending on price range and the quality of material used to produce them. 

Blasters are primarily made of plastic, and contain a motor inside that in turn projects the gel pellets. They can also be modified in a variety of ways and are highly customizable in terms of their looks and can be upgraded internally to achieve higher performance and accuracy.   Metal parts can be added to the body of the gun to give it a more authentic weight and feel. Supplementary parts can also be added, with motors able to be modified to create higher power as well as optional extras such as laser sights and scopes, depending on what model of gel blaster you have.

Generally most gel blasters will shoot gel balls around 7-8mm in diameter, but you can also purchase blasters that fire ammunition closer to 12 or 13mm. The little packets of gel balls you’ll receive with your gel blaster will need to be emptied into a glass or dish of water and be allowed to sit for at least 4 hours, to allow the gel ball ammo to soak up the moisture, thus forming the gel pellet. We recommend leaving your gel ball ammo in water overnight, and even purchasing higher quality balls separate from the blaster itself, as the complimentary gel balls that come with your gun are often of a very poor quality.

Once you shoot a gel blaster, the pellet will pop on-impact, leaving no trace or stain on clothing or the course you’re playing on. You can even play inside at home (but only as long as you get the okay from your folks!).

Are Gel Blasters dangerous?

As previously mentioned, there are a range of differing gel blasters, with different levels of power, and thus with differing levels of impact. However, there will be no lasting damage from the impact of a gel blaster, with the impact usually creating a quick pinching sensation, and at worst temporary red mark.

Depending on what you wish to use them for, there are gel blasters that will barely be felt, such as the Renegade Blasters kids range of gel blasters, which make little to no impact. Whilst the impact of a gel blaster is nowhere near at the level of a paintball gun, we still highly recommend the use of protective eyewear as a safety precaution – safety first kids.

Are Gel Blasters legal?

While there are regulations around gel blasters, particularly the more realistic-looking authentic toys, it is currently legal to import, export and purchase gel blasters, so long as they keep to local and international regulations and laws. As a general rule of thumb, in countries where airsoft toy guns are legal, then so too are gel blasters.

Are Gel Blasters legal in Australia?

Yes – in parts of Australia. In Queensland and South Australia, gel blasters are completely legal. There is no weapons license required to purchase a gel blaster, as it is classed as a toy. However, again there are laws and regulations surrounding the use of gel blasters, much the same as paintball guns, airsoft guns and essentially all imitation or replica guns.

You’re not allowed to carry around a gel-blaster unconcealed in public (for obvious reasons, that they look like a real gun) but there are plenty of arenas and courses around Australia where games can be played, solo or in teams. On private property, and at home, it is also permissible to use the toys, and there is no age limit for the use or purchase of a gel blaster.

Can Gel Blasters Shoot Ball Bearings?

Gel Blasters are not designed to shoot plastic pellets, and will not have the usual desired effect if the gel pellets are replaced with plastic. The plastic pellets, on an unmodified gel blaster, could ruin the blaster, and render the gun useless. Not to mention, the modification to allow plastic pellets to work with the blaster would technically render the toy as an airsoft gun, which is illegal to own in Australia without a firearms license.

Best stick to gel pellets – less mess, less environmental impact, and less chance of you winding up in court!

What is the best Gel Blaster?

There are a range of Gel Blaster’s on the market at the moment, from a bunch of up and coming brands, producing from across the globe. Finding the best gel blaster depends on what exactly you’re looking for. The best gel blaster for competitive play is obviously going to be different to the best gel blaster to buy an eight year old kid, so here we’re going to specifically look at the higher-end of the range. Things to look out for when finding the best gel blaster range from performance, added features and of course, price.

Here we’re going to take three a look at three of our favourites Gel Blaster brands on the market today:

LDT Gel Blaster and War interest.

We love this brand as they sre making some of the best and realistic gel blasters on the market today.

Their latest line of products have set the benchmark high for how blasters should be made and each Blaster comes with their own special blaster bag.

Check out their Facebook page for more information and be sure to check out our range and one of our favourites here, to find the perfect Gel Blaster for you. 


These guys have been around for the longest time in gel balling history. They were the innovators in the Mag Fed Gel Blaster game and their line of blasters are consistent and reliable. They have made many M4 style platforms and a few AKs. Their gearboxes are also used in a wide variety of other companies’ gel blasters and are highly upgradeable. Check them out!


These guys are always making new creative designs in the the market. They have designed some high quality metal blasters with reinforced gearboxes, metal gears and alloy barrels.

Kublai have a considerable amount of designs and colourful options for their customers. They also offer a fair amount of extras in their blasters such as nylon or metal grips, customizable iron sights and rail attachments.

So now you know some of our top brands in the Gel Blaster market, be sure to check out some of these awesome Blasters below. Here is a quick lowdown!

Jin Ming M4A1 Gen 8.5 Nylon Gel Blaster

This gel blaster is arguably the best gun on the market, and one of the most popular blasters in the world. It’s an absolute classic. Whether purchasing your first gel blaster or you’ve been in the scene for a while, this is a crowd pleaser across all levels of gel blasting. Whilst this is a fantastic blaster straight off the bat, purists love it because of the modification possibilities. Basically, nye on endless. And for beginners, it’s also perfect, because you can basically pick it up and go, straight out of the box.

Built with solid nylon, the Jin Ming M4A1 differs from earlier iterations in feel and weight, due to the higher quality of material being used. The firing range of the Gen 8.5 is approximately 25m, and the newer model (as opposed to the Gen 8) fires at 250 per second, again an upgrade on the Gen 8 model. To add to this, for a higher range gel blaster, the price is incredibly affordable when considering the features. With a full automatic firing mode, holographic site, a mag capacity of around 180 gel balls and a firing rate of around 11 rounds per second, the price of $169.99 comes off as an absolute bargain. 

LeHui Kriss Vector V2 SMG Gel Blaster

The LeHui Vector V2 is a gel blaster that means business. If you are serious about gel blasters and want to step things up to the next level, then this is the gun for you. It has a similar firing range to the Jin Ming M4A1 Gen 8.5, but the really fun part about the V2 is that it’s the first gel blaster to come equipped with a burst firing mode. It shoots out around 15 rounds per second and has an accurate range of up to 25 metres.

Like the Jin Ming M4A1 Gen 8.5, it is also constructed with high-quality nylon material. This makes the Vector V2 one of the toughest and sturdiest blasters on the market. In addition to its high-performance levels, the design is sleek as hell, lightweight without being flimsy. Leaving one Vector V2 owner to comment that the blaster is “definitely first in aesthetics” across the range of high-end blasters.

At $219.99, the Vector V2 is a wee bit pricier than your stock standard blaster, but still doesn’t break the bank when all things are considered.

We reckon it’s worth every penny!

SKD HK416 Gel Blaster

This blaster is super new on the scene, having been released at the start of 2020. And whilst it may not have the reputation of the previous two blasters, it still packs one hell of a punch. Similar to the M4SS receiver, the HK416 has an alternate handguard, stock, and iron sights. Like the M4A1 and the Vector V2, the body of the blaster is made out of durable nylon. This a really solid gun, with a lot less flexing than in previous models.

The motor is a 480 long shaft motor and again, it fires up to 25 meters at around 240 feet per second. Unlike a lot of other gel blasters, the HK416 contains an inner-hop up that ensures the gels shoot nice and straight, greatly improving accuracy compared to use with other, lesser gel blasters. It may be the new kid on the block, but in the coming months this blaster could be making real waves in the gel blasting community. At $199.99 the HK416 comes in at a nice mid-range price-level.

Where to Buy Gel Blasters?

Since the first gel blasters were introduced into Australia around 5 years ago, the interest around gel blasters has completely sky-rocketed. Back then, there were only a small selection of vendors who had the license to import gel blasters from overseas and sell them here in Australia. This led to the production of some store-made, smaller brand gel blasters, although we would recommend only purchasing officially produced brands.

You can find these in stores throughout the country, but for the best price and the widest selection, we’d always recommend online vendors, to find exactly what you are after.

Renegade Gel Blasters

Renegade Blasters are one of Australia’s leading retailers for gel blasters, coming into existence in 2016, before most people even knew what a gel blaster was. Originally, the blasters were called “Water Bomb Gel Ball Guns” and were very basic – low quality materials were used to create the structure of the gun, and the speed and distance a pellet could travel was minimal compared to today.

Nowadays, there are a plethora of products out there on the market, and at Renegade Blasters we pride ourselves on having a wide-range of high-end models, catering for all types of gel blaster enthusiasts. We’re committed to bringing you the best and most up-to-date, high quality products at competitive prices. All of our products are shipped from Australia, so there is no cause for concern when it comes to custom inspections, as all of our goods have already been cleared upon delivery to our HQ. This is a much safer way to make a purchase, as opposed to buying from overseas from sites such as Ebay or Alibaba, where the product may or may not be the quality that you’re seeking, but will definitely be scrutinised by international customs, and may be seized if you do not obtain the correct paperwork. Better to buy local, to be sure your package arrives in a safe and timely manner.

We offer a range of upgrade parts and accessories, as well as blasters ready to run straight out of the box, with frequent specials and deals running all year round. If you’re serious about getting involved in gel blasters, check out the selection of what we have to offer HERE.