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Best Submachine Gun Gel Blasters

Gun Gel Blasters

Gun Gel Blasters – A submachine gun, or SMG, is a small machine gun suited for use in cramped or confined spaces.

They are the scary looking automatic weapons used primarily by special forces, anti-terrorist units, and police.

In addition, they are used in defending military units in plants, boats, and other transport vehicles.

Close Quarter Combat or CQB is where the SMGs shine. Here are our favorite SMGs, in no particular order, that have a high bang for the buck.

MP5 Deluxe by LDT/Warinterest

The latest MP5 from LTD is a very solid build that ships with metal gears. It is 68 cm with the standard stock and has a metal outer barrel and a metal alloy inner barrel with a diameter of 7.3mm.

The inner barrel is just under 20cm long, which is long enough to be accurate at 20-25 meters, but short enough to make the MP5 perfect for the much needed agility in CQB games.

The LTD/Warinterest MP5 combines a high out of the box rate of fire, powered by an 11.1 volt high capacity battery.

With a rate of fire at about 19 rounds per second and a drum magazine holding about 300 gel balls, this MP5 is some serious firepower in a small package.

This in addition to its great looks and build quality has made this MP5 the favourite gun gel blasters for many players, perfect for all situations that may occur in CQB.

Some key features of the MP5 by LTD/Warinterest

  • 14mm Reverse Threaded Tip for easy attachments
  • Ambidextrous fire selector
  • 1.2mm spring
  • Gearbox V2 version 3.0
  • Metal gears, ratio 18:1
  • Silver wiring
  • USB chargeable, high capacity 11.1v battery
  • Carrying bag included
  • Quick release mag with dual levers
  • In-barrel hop up
  • Cool upgrades are available

The LTD MP5 is one of the best built and best performing SMGs you can get in the price range of around $350. Take a look at the LTD MP5 here.


The compact ARP9 is only 50 cm long when the stock is collapsed fully, and 59 cm when fully extended.

This well-built gun gel blasters comes with a simple MOSFET as a standard, supporting semi and fully automatic with an auto brake function.

After a round is shot in the semi mode, the battery polarity is temporarily reversed, which stops the motor immediately.

Its small size and auto break MOSFET makes it a popular choice for speedsoft.

It comes with a 13 cm alloy inner barrel, nylon outer barrel with 14 mm counter clockwise threaded tip, and four 20mm rails on all sides for accessories.

Firing speed is up to 250 feet per second and about 20 rounds per second.

The gearbox is nylon with 8mm bushings and a full set of metal gears and is powered by a 7.4v battery and a vented case 480 motor.

The ARP9 comes with many metal details like the fire selector and the trigger. You find the mag primer placed in the back of the top accessory rail for easy access.

Some key features of the ARP9 by XYL

  • 20mm rails on 4 sides for accessories
  • Metal alloy inner barrel
  • Gearbox with high quality 8mm bushings
  • Stainless steel cylinder
  • 18:1 metal gears
  • Foldable stock
  • Mag primer
  • MOSFET with Active Braking
  • Drum mag available

XYL’s ARP9 is a perfect SMG for speed soft and fast CQB’s around the $350 price range, check it out here.

Vector v2 by LeHui

The Kriss Vector V2 has a sturdy full nylon construction with great attention to detail.

It has a mag primer on the left side, and the two fire mode selectors are ambidextrous. One mode for the on/off, and one for the MOSFET feature).

The stock folds easily and if you want to go AR style, get an adaptor so you can replace it with a buffer tube stock.

The MOSFET features three firing modes, semi automatic, three round burst, and fully automatic.

It comes with an 11.1 volt battery out of the box and has some extra accessories you wouldn’t normally see included like a laser sight and a flashlight.

The standard Vector V2 magazine holds about 150 gel balls, and if you want to get some more time before switching magazines, you can get a single drum magazine that holds about 800 rounds.

There is also even a double drum magazine that holds more than 1,000 gel balls.

The shape of the Vector V2 Gun Gel Blaster required developing an advanced non-standard gearbox with the cylinder and barrel at the same angle as you can see on the standard magazine and the barrel.

Although the clear gearbox is non-standard, it contains standard components, making it fairly easy to upgrade or replace individual parts.

The plastic barrel is 18 cm long and it has an inner diameter of 7.3 mm. The total length of the gun is 79 cm with the stock unfolded and 55.5 cm when folded. Out of the box, you can expect it to fire about 15 rounds per second at 220 FPS.

Some key features of the Vector V2

  • MOSFET with three firing modes, single, burst, and full auto.
  • 11.1 volt battery
  • Mag primer
  • Drum mag is available
  • Laser sight included
  • Flashlight included
  • Unique looks

The reliable and sturdy Vector V2 can be found right here for under $200.

P90 V3 by BingFeng

This SMG looks like something out of a sci-fi movie. It is sturdy full nylon construction, available in black and and a surprising pink. It has a sturdy, rigid, nylon body, with a 20 mm rail in the front top for accessories.

There is an ambidextrous safety switch located under the trigger.

There are also ambidextrous fake mag primers on both sides that do nothing else but move when you pull them. Fortunately, the mag is spring loaded and does not need a primer.

The included battery is 7.4 volt, but a 11.1 volt battery is a recommended and affordable upgrade.

The gearbox is a custom design for the P90, but standard parts make replacement or upgrading a breeze.

The P90 is a bullpup type of gun gel blaster, meaning that the action is happening behind the trigger.

The benefit of this is that you can have a longer barrel and get better accuracy in a small form factor.

At 50cm this is one of the shorter SMGs, yet still, it has a decent range. It comes with a metal alloy barrel and only fires full auto at 17 rounds/second and 200 FPS.

Some key features of the P90 V3

  • Mag holds 200 rounds
  • Unique looks
  • Sturdy, high quality nylon build
  • Bull-pup type of gun gel blaster
  • Top and side rails for accessories

To sum it up, the P90 from BingFeng has great out of the box performance that can easily be increased with simple upgrades. It is available right here for under $150!

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